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Week 1

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Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Harrow (unexist)



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

Bulgaria unexist vs Latvia Spacemen
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


unexist (6) Geri, MHC, Cameron, trum, Harrow, ALX
Spacemen (4) Rosstisfer, Ashley, Hysteria, Pandahh
Unrostered (2) FabiCut, KlunTe


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Friday, 01 June 2018, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. kronis: NASA - hi im dog said:

    Proposed a new date. Friday isn’t good for us

  3. kronis: NASA - hi im dog said:

    So interesting convo with the enemy team.

    So this is a fun team.

  4. domiq: Sora⚡️ - COGU said:

    Acting like a moron is too tiring lmao what is this team

  5. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    What a joke….

  6. kronis: NASA - hi im dog said: – added other of their leaders to ask for a merc

  7. Mop: bludog - hi im dog said:

    imagine signing up for a league just to default hunt so obviously

  8. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said: – also added 3 of their gamers to try and get an answer – all of which are currently online

  9. Ashley: is dtf said:

    imagine considering a player that’s only played Mid and never gotten Mid playoffs to be ‘too beast’ to play Mid


  10. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    17:35 – pandahh: Hello
    17:35 – pandahh: We need a merc for tonight
    17:35 – pandahh: – scout merc
    17:35 – pandahh: Yes or no?
    17:36 – camer0n: helloo
    17:36 – pandahh: Seen as the rest of your team keep removingus
    17:36 – camer0n: we cant
    17:36 – camer0n: tonight we have a match
    17:36 – pandahh: Yes?
    17:36 – pandahh: Whats your point?
    17:36 – camer0n: yeaa
    17:36 – pandahh: We can ask for mercs on the day?
    17:37 – camer0n: alright
    17:37 – camer0n: so
    17:37 – camer0n: i should accept or refuse
    17:37 – camer0n: that merc rn
    17:37 – camer0n: rightM?
    17:37 – pandahh: yes
    17:37 – camer0n: i think i’ll refuse
    17:37 – camer0n: he seems a bit strong
    17:37 – pandahh: reason?
    17:37 – pandahh: He hasn’t played in 4 years
    17:38 – camer0n: oh well
    17:38 – camer0n: i am not the team leader but if the rest of the team keeps removing you
    17:38 – pandahh: Default hunting I see?
    17:38 – camer0n: if he hasnt played in 4 years we can go ahead and accept
    17:38 – camer0n: well i sorta gave up on this game cus i needed some time for grades and shit
    17:38 – camer0n: i havent played that much too
    17:39 – camer0n: i just come for matches
    17:39 – pandahh: So do you accept him as a merc?
    17:39 – camer0n: yeah
    17:40 – camer0n: sure

  11. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    18:02 – pandahh: – on scout
    18:03 – camer0n: i accept now
    18:03 – camer0n: lets go

  12. Shoosh: NASA - -Xe- said:

    GG ty

  13. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    Hope all of this was worth it.

  14. Harrow: Hamas said:

    gg gl in season

  15. Ashley: is dtf said:


  16. Harrow: Hamas said:

    excuse i have to ask. i forgot to add status screnshot. now the match doesnt show up on my profile. can it be fixed?

  17. Ashley: is dtf said:

    message an admin on the IRC or on Discord

  18. Harrow: Hamas said:

    Ok. Does anyone have status screenshot?

  19. Cyanic: POUND - HZ said:

    lmao these hungarians

  20. eldocwho: LP - vsaucehere said:

    inb4 they ask for def win every games

  21. csiga: STiNG - TORPEDO said:

    haHAA rákos magyar gecik haHAA

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