Season 3

Division 4d

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Easy- (Imperox Esports)



1 - 0

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5 - 1

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European Imperox Esports vs France Sk10
6 - 0


  1. Easy- said:

    ive idled in sk10 irc channel all day and no leaders or war arranger present
    also added gusty and zeto to friends same time i joined their irc channel
    still awaiting acceptance
    contact me asap plz guys so we can arrange something

  2. Easy- said:

    these guys still aren’t responding
    no one in their irc channel and gusty and zeto still haven’t accepted my friends invites

  3. ZeTo: sC said:

    ip :
    pass : match

    We don’t agree for changing the date, so if Impreox is not here in time we’ll ask for default win.

  4. Easy- said:

    lol, amazing how these guys knew the default match date and time but refused to be contactable, then contact me 25 mins before match time asking which server we play on.
    perhaps if they had responded earlier it would have given us the required 24 hours so we could play our wild card ?

  5. Digiwill: =[IDK]= said:

    You guys are unbelievable innit, like Easy said above, you are not contactable and now forcing a default win.
    If you want to win like this, go ahead.

    We just use our wild card here then, admins ??

  6. Digiwill: =[IDK]= said:

    Not going to verify anything till an admin takes a look at this.

  7. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Would both teams be so kind as to reschedule this match, thanks.

  8. Easy- said:

    tues 28th 21:15 CET

    server Imperox :: TF2 Private

    password imperox

    ok with you guys ? :)

  9. Digiwill: =[IDK]= said:

    Talked to Sk10 @ irc.
    They confirm it tomorrow.

  10. Gusty: 7w. said:

    I confirm to treat date of the 28th has 21 h 15. I also apologize in the name of Sk10 for problemes to meet.

  11. Digiwill: =[IDK]= said:

    Ok tnx for the mssg Gusty :)
    Cya then.

  12. Gusty: 7w. said:

    Thank you for match. damage for our medic it is a bit slow and damage pr the deconnection on badldans. Nice tp medic:D Nice match, thanks to Imperox;).

  13. Digiwill: =[IDK]= said:

    nice guys, tnx 4 the game.
    gl in the future.

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