Highlander Season 9 powered by marketplace.tf : Mid Playoffs

Quarter Final

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Lennox (Schnitzel e-sports)



3 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 1 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B C ]

Germany Schnitzel e-sports vs European Lesk
5 - 4

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Schnitzel e-sports (8) ThirstySoul, Lennox, PlacebO, Yoshi is good, BlueBerry607, Marlor, Sound, Asec
Lesk (9) Spooble, TheFieryBreeze, Sabesaroo, counou, Warped, Crayon, Sqipperr, Gabi, Domo
Unrostered (1) .Constantine


  1. kKaltUu: R6S said:

    Hello teams, and welcome to the Playoffs. The winner of this match will be going to the Finals and the loser will be knocked out.

    To pick the maps, we’re using Map Elimination [Explanation]. Please post your maps on this page at least a day in advance of the match for good measure.
    Since season 9 has 9 maps, you will have two elimination rounds.


  2. 1. The higher seeded team can decide if they want to start or if the other team should.
    2. Team A eliminates a map
    3. Team B eliminates a map
    4. Team A eliminates a map
    5. Team B eliminates a map
    4. Team B picks a map
    5. Team A picks a map
    6. The higher seeded team chooses the decider map from the remaining three maps.
  3. Keep in mind that payload is still played in a best of three (BO3) format.

    You can reschedule the match if your opponent agrees, which has to be done before January 3rd. The result deadline is January 9th.

    We have added some rule changes to the season, as seen [here]. Main points being that The Phlogistinator is banned,
    tf_spawn_glows_duration 0
    tf_preround_push_from_damage_enable 1
    have to be set up correctly.

    If you have any questions make sure to contact the admins as soon as possible.

    Good luck and have fun to both teams.

  4. Crayon: wierd - turks said:

    hello sound /╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\

  5. TheFieryBreeze said:

    15:08 – Lennox: lets start then
    15:09 – Breeze: Since you are higher seed choose – who starts
    15:09 – Lennox: with the first ban right >?
    15:09 – Breeze: Ye
    15:09 – Lennox: we wanna ban cp_gravelpit
    15:10 – Breeze: Okay, we ban pl_upward
    15:10 – Lennox: we ban cp_gullywash
    15:11 – Breeze: We ban pl_barnblitz, now we pick the first map, give me a min
    15:12 – Breeze: We pick koth_product_rc8 as the first map
    15:12 – Lennox: ok
    15:12 – Lennox: give a min as well
    15:13 – Breeze: You choose 2nd and 3rd so take your time
    15:15 – Lennox: we pick warmtic as 2nd
    15:15 – Breeze: And decider map?
    15:16 – Lennox: badwater
    15:16 – Breeze: Okay :)

  6. GH0T1: ♣Lesk said:


  7. ETF2L Staff said:

    This is a reminder to team leaders that both the map picks/bans and the date must be decided by the schedule deadline of the 2nd of January. Once these have been decided post them on the match page.

  8. cube said:

    english cast: http://www.twitch.tv/cubescast

  9. Atzebumm: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    Go schnitzel!!

  10. proky: (League Admin) - YAK - SDCK said:

    ses will take it

  11. Crayon: wierd - turks said:

    fuck the haters, I got this

  12. GH0T1: ♣Lesk said:

    Leskit byby hateriai =D

  13. counou: nR - POYO said:


    but srs gl hf

  14. Vclox_: want it? - KANKERBOYS said:


  15. Crayon: wierd - turks said:

    gg lads, was really tense :) gl with rest of season

    also if ur lookin for a spy who actually does things in the game hmu yuno what im sayin ;000

  16. Crayon: wierd - turks said:

    combined logs : http://logs.tf/1193962?highlight=76561198004572519

    i fucked the titles up ik

  17. Chopp said:

    schnitzeled upon you 6s nerds

  18. .Constantine: (ETF2L Tomator) - (ノಠOಠ)ノ said:

    I kinda played some kind of playoffs, i wasn’t sure until just now :D


  19. quintosh: T9! - Nein said:

    yoshi hart am rasieren

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