The Highlander Open

Group 40

Week 3

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by dash. (LSD Factory)



5 - 0

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3 - 0

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France LSD Factory vs International The Phantastic 9
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


The Phantastic 9 (8) chaosninja5, Adolphin Hitler, Jordinator77, likkchung, skack, Wooba, DuckOnQuack, superyoyo999
LSD Factory (6) Xano, dash., Doctor, Clemis, tribline, Rhaum
Unrostered (4) Chaussette, rennuyx, Boulon_, XVI_Retro


  1. Dash: SS said:

    Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: ok finally the second player can’t play so could we use and | Phina: How many players would you have without the mercs?Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: 7TP9 | Phina: okJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: so you allowed this two mercs?TP9 | Phina: we almost have a descision, one momentTP9 | Phina: We have (sort of) decided to let only Boulon_ play, which means that you have 8 players, but we will have 8(which means we will need one merc(to be decided who)). Do you want to play a 8v8 game?Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: and you can’t get a merc?TP9 | Phina: we haven’t decided specifically who yetJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: i allowed you any merc ( except if he is div 5 or more )Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: so could i use drake or i have to find another merc?TP9 | Phina: we will allow you to use Boulon_ as the mercJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: and this player?TP9 | Phina: so you will have 7 players + Boulon_ , so 8 in total and we have 7 + under div 5 merc, so 8 in total. Do you want to play this game?Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: we can have more then one merc and i think it’s better to play with the official rules and configTP9 | Phina: so you want to play with 9 players?Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: yeah and you too it’s a 9v9 gamemode so it will be strange to play with one player left and each teamJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: but if you really want to play on 8v8 why not if you can’t find a 9th playerTP9 | Phina: if you want to play 9v9 then we will be allowed mercs div 5 or higher, otherwise it will be 8v8Jean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: ok i allowed you  player until div 3 if you needJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: so do you allowed my mercs?TP9 | Phina: if we can find 2 mercs by 4pm CET tomorrow, you will be allowed to have Boulon_ and rennuyx to play together, otherwise it will be 8v8 and you can have one of themJean-KEVIN #CAMPINGRPZ: ok thank you

  2. Dash: SS said:

    TP9 | Phina: this is our merc, we will play a 9v9 gamedash: ok cool so we can use boulon and drake?dash: | Phina: Boulon- and rennuyxdash: ok thank you and i allowed your merc too

  3. likkchung: TP9 said:

    I made a mistake with my words. They can play with their mercs Boulon_ and rennuyx, and we have our merc Retro. It will be a 9v9 game

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