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Division 5F

Week 2

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This match is affected by one or more wildcards.

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by Leila (Drop it, don't pop it)



3 - 4

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5 - 0

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Russia we dont even play tf2 vs Poland Drop it, don't pop it
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

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Drop it, don't pop it (6) Ligster, Keczup, Leila, ShauN, Trensu, LtK
we dont even play tf2 (6) 一方通行, tobs, Botlike, george, _Mark, Rainbow Dash


  1. Yuval: SS D5 said:

    wednesday 20:00 cest is good for us

  2. Leila: POYO said:

    we can play 17/5 21 cest, 20/5 20 or 21 cest 21/5 21 cest 24/5 20 or 21 cest

  3. Leila: POYO said:

    sry 17.05 it’s not good it’s my fault

  4. Yuval: SS D5 said:

    best time for us is starting by 20:00 cest

  5. Leila: POYO said:

    ok today I know we can play 21/5 20 cest :)

  6. Yuval: SS D5 said:

    what server are we gonna use

  7. Tattos: iveR said:

    Player Phoenix has been allowed to play in this game.

    Leila ツ hey
    chik: yo
    Leila ツ can I help you?:D
    chik: yes
    chik: we have an offi tonight
    chik: can we get a merc?
    chik: to play as demo and his not playing main
    Leila ツ cn you give me his profile on etf2l?
    Leila ツ ok I agree
    chik: ty very much

  8. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been used for this match by Coconut Crabs.

    You must reschedule this match before May 30, 2014 CEST and play it before June 8, 2014 CEST.

  9. Yuval: SS D5 said:

    sry for wildcard we will see how it goes next again really sorry

  10. Rainbow Dash: REMOVE said:

    gg wp

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