Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming

Division 6D

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Droidster (Pretty Intense by TEZC)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

European Pretty Intense by TEZC vs International TheFellowship
6 - 0

Active Wildcards:

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TheFellowship (4) Pathetic One, DunderBro, cyber-, ItsTheGreenBin
Pretty Intense by TEZC (6) scrab, JoKOR, Thors, PixelRelic, marez, Droidster
Unrostered (2) Hexaan, EssEs


  1. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    I would like to play this asap as always

  2. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    will probably get wildcarded actually

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 26 May 2013, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Pretty Intense.
    You must reschedule and play this game by 15/06/2013.

  5. Pathetic One: soL. said:

    Do you fellows have a date and time in mind now? A new default date will be set fairly soon if we don’t put one in the calendar.

    The 5th and 6th (Wed. and Thur.) don’t suit harbl. We have another postponed official at 22:00 CEST/21:00 BST on Monday the 3rd so we’d need an early start if we were to try playing two matches on that day.

  6. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    Droidster will come back tomorrow. We will set default date then.

  7. Pathetic One: soL. said:

    Droidster has proposed the 7th. The 8th would suit us a bit better though, how about that? We can probably do the 7th if the 8th isn’t good for you. The 9th is now taken by another official though.

  8. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    7th. 8th probably for next official.

  9. Pathetic One: soL. said:

    harbl wants the 7th now… I have proposed a time on the 7th.

  10. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:


  11. Drackk:>: open - sniper said:

    good luck both teams

  12. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:


  13. DunderBro said:

    I apologize for the inconveniance

  14. basshead: mid said:

    gl PI !

  15. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    bg got airshotted twice

  16. basshead: mid said:


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