Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 6K

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by almightybob (Playstuff)



3 - 6

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

International CiC Solar vs International Playstuff
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Playstuff (6) Seric, Apoc,,, almightybob, The Sero
CiC Solar (6) FU2Max, 3xtigy, The Hobbs, Roadster, emmz, Balloon


  1. 3xtigy: [CiC] - CiC said:

    can only play sunday’s, tuesdays and thursdays at 20:gmt or later

  2. almightybob: .ps said:

    Hi, impressive forward planning :) Unfortunately at the moment I have no idea when we’ll be available, and likely won’t until much nearer the time. Will let you know when I do though, usually Sundays and Thursdays are both good for us so it will likely be one of them.

  3. 3xtigy: [CiC] - CiC said:

    can you check your dates please bob for sunday 14th Oct at 20:00gmt let me know ta. :D

  4. almightybob: .ps said:

    Sunday looking good, still got a couple of people to hear from but should be fine :)

  5. almightybob: .ps said:

    Heard from people, we can do Sunday 8 GMT :)

  6. almightybob: .ps said:

    You have a server for this? If so, got STV? We have friends who will want to watch :)
    If not I can get in touch with ETF2L admins and borrow a server for the match.

  7. 3xtigy: [CiC] - CiC said:

    yeah personally i would borrrow server as we have not got STV. cya 2night @ 8pm (gmt)

  8. 3xtigy: [CiC] - CiC said:

    bob can you sort the server with admins please. let us know if its ok to go ahead if not we will have to use our server. ta.

  9. 3xtigy: [CiC] - CiC said:

    bob i got server for 2night. i will post password at 07:45 ok

  10. almightybob: .ps said:

    Password please?

  11. emmz: [CiC] - CiC said:

    GG guys not bad result i dont think. :)

  12. almightybob: .ps said:

    Yeah gg guys, thanks :)

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