Season 11

Division 5E

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Qbixer (Lethal-Zone: Gamble)



2 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Belarus G7 eSports vs Poland Lethal-Zone: Gamble
0 - 6


SteamID Screenshots: A


Lethal-Zone: Gamble (6) Bit, Qbixer, Entman, eXpunge, Snake, Guardian
G7 eSports (6) Sefas, Tony, A., AnTiSpameR, Vincent, pahaman


  1. Vincent: G7 said:

    11 saturday 20-00 SET

  2. Szymciu: M` said:

    20 CET ?

  3. kennymon said:

    stv plox

  4. Vincent: G7 said:

    Szymciu: may be the same nick from etf2l
    Vincent \o/ Armin Van Buuren \o/ сменил имя на Vincent.
    Szymciu: devil merc ?
    Vincent: yes
    Vincent: without div
    Szymciu: etf2l page ?
    Szymciu: hah no
    Vincent: all honest
    Szymciu: do not agree
    Szymciu: so 5 vs 6
    Vincent: problems? write to admin
    Szymciu: I do not agree
    Vincent: and what do I do it your problem that you are not satisfied,
    Vincent: Merc settled
    Szymciu: 5 vs 6
    Szymciu: we dont agree on this merc
    Szymciu: no merc
    Szymciu: ahxnxa ?
    Szymciu: what is this
    Vincent: pahaman
    Szymciu: man no merc omg
    Szymciu: btw my friend is admin etf2l
    Szymciu: u have 5 players ?
    Vincent: no
    Vincent: connecting
    Vincent: who is MIX!?
    Szymciu: ?
    Szymciu: rdy ?
    Vincent: no
    Szymciu: 7 min
    Szymciu: sorry 5
    Vincent: 6 – crash tf
    Szymciu: who is 6
    Szymciu: ?
    Vincent: i not agree
    Szymciu: ?
    Vincent: in 30 minutes you had 4 people on the server
    Szymciu: lol
    Szymciu: no
    Szymciu: 20:30
    Szymciu: man 2 minutes
    Vincent: your last entered 5 minutes ago
    Szymciu: and ?
    Szymciu: 20 sec
    Szymciu: or bye
    Szymciu: 10

    goood fairplay bro

  5. Entman: RP said:

    gg, sorry we didnt allow your div 2 merc.

  6. Sefas: G7 - FrF said:

    Left Team Versus [6on6] st1ff 457 days ago
    omg 2 div 457 days ago?

  7. Dr Icecream said:

    RP to take the fairplay award!!!

  8. Szymciu: M` said:

    lol They had a whole team and wanted to take merc 3 div. GL & HF

  9. -=DA.KA.=- said:


  10. Szymciu: M` said:


  11. Tardus: said:

    I have problems with reading this conversation because english of both players is shit:((((((((

  12. eXpunge said:

    I agree with tardus :D

  13. Entman: RP said:


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