Season 11

Division 4D

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ronny (



5 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 4 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]

France clickNplay vs Germany
4 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A


clickNplay (6) Z u K, Clotaire, Simpson, flotay, Doui, Rastauren (6) daro, vanHunt, Johann, Raven @ TF2GR, LinKin, ronny


  1. Dewey: \' NC - CnS said:

    Hi guys, when are you able to play ?

    We can usually Mondays/Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Dewey: \' NC - CnS said:

    I forgot to mention the hour, 21CET is good.

  3. Jay |: said:

    Hey ho.. we would like to play on Tuesday 7th February 2012 – 21:00CET
    do you agree?

  4. Dewey: \' NC - CnS said:

    Ok schedule entered, if we have any pb, I call u asap.

    Gl&HF !

  5. Dewey: \' NC - CnS said:

    BTW, do u have a serv ?
    We don’t.

  6. Death said:

    gl that\’s What We Want

  7. Jay |: said:

    jep we have a server.

    connect; password pcw

  8. black: trick17 - trick17 said:

    gogo tfportal =)

  9. Lurius: Bingo said:

    stv ?

  10. daro said:

    we need mattdog as a merc

  11. daro said:

    daro: mattdog already joined our team
    daro: but it takes 24h til he can play normally
    daro: would u agree on him ?
    W³ | Clotaire: wait i look his profile :)
    daro: well i could also take a wc and he would be able to play at the nex tdate ;)
    daro: it makes no difference i think ;)
    daro: but feel free to look at his profile ofc man :)
    W³ | Clotaire: yeah yeah
    daro: so
    daro: its ok ?
    W³ | Clotaire: yes, no problem :)
    daro: ok
    daro: i write something under the match
    daro: pls agree there ;)
    daro: would be nice
    W³ | Clotaire: ofc :)
    daro: thanks man
    W³ | Clotaire: it’s just d4, fun level ;)
    daro: ok fuck :D
    daro: i think we need 2 take the wc
    daro: cuz matt can just play in 30 mins
    daro: :D
    W³ | Clotaire: ah shit
    daro: yes
    daro: well if 21:30 is ok for u ?
    daro: we could play tonight
    daro: otherwise i take a wc now.
    daro: imsry
    daro: -.-
    daro: one of our scouts didnt appear tonight
    W³ | Clotaire: 21:30 is ok ;)

  12. Dewey: \' NC - CnS said:


    Rly intense gully :)

    Have a nice season !

  13. Jay |: said:

    gege wp

    u upload?

  14. flotay: clickN` said:

    Gc gully

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