Season 11

Division 4F

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen vs European EASY TARGET
6 - 0


  1. NeuTronas: T said:

    When can you play this?
    We can’t play this week because we don’t have our demoman now.

    We offer to play next week from 2012.30.01 anyday at 19-20cet

  2. Drake Younger: [LAG] - [MC] said:

    Add me on steam …

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Wednesday, 01 February 2012, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    Don’t worry, we are still playing this season

  5. vthrd: POLAKI - said:


  6. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    Uhm, We have SourceTV but I think it is with 1 slot XDDD

  7. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    btw we are taking a merc

    16:29 – bfaalizeè: hey drake
    16:29 – bfaalizeè: can we take a merc?
    16:29 – bfaalizeè: playing as soldier
    16:29 – [LAG]Mr.Drake: i dunno
    16:29 – bfaalizeè:
    16:36 – bfaalizeè: need to know if you let us
    16:36 – [LAG]Mr.Drake: give me a min
    16:36 – bfaalizeè: ok
    16:38 – [LAG]Mr.Drake: okey it’s fine
    16:38 – bfaalizeè: thank you ! :D

  8. SandeR: m0. said:

    gl LAG

  9. Drake Younger: [LAG] - [MC] said:


  10. NeuTronas: T said:

    Lol, they didn’t allow merc later, and got default win.
    Shame for you guys, really.

  11. Fas0ne: [LAG] - [MC] said:


  12. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    They allowed your merc.
    Contact an admin 2ez.

  13. Ninte ❤: -IFLH- said:

    Wow. Retard team? o_o Too scared to play, ffs? Default win to MySports for the opponents being a bunch of dicks.

  14. Fas0ne: [LAG] - [MC] said:

    U mad bro?

  15. Drake Younger: [LAG] - [MC] said:

    they mad bro

  16. cappz's: -IFLH- said:

    def win for not letting merc loool, what’s next, def win for not having a server?

  17. evokje: WiK? said:

    League of Angry Gentlemen dont play in a league if you will only hunt for default wins bunch of kids

  18. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    It is not the fault of LAG that their opponent did not have enough players ready and their right to decline a merc. Sure, it would have been a nice act of fairplay to allow a merc (especially if you are league admin in a different league) but what can you do? In the end, you are responsible to sort out your roster issues yourself and in time.
    I will get SonnyBlack to add an explanation to the match report why the default win has been given since I do not know all facts on this match.

  19. Kop: [CiC] - CiC said:

    Lets clear this up abit, neutronas the merc u have stated in this report is not the merc they declined, that merc didnt show up and u requested a different person and that merc was declined as u saked far too late. second thing was at 8:40(40 minutes too late) u still only had 5 ppl on the server and wouldnt ready up.

    Lets make sure things are accurate before making ppl look bad in future, Drake was kind enuff to accept ur original merc and its not his fault that ur merc did not show up.

  20. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    Kop, I talked to him at 20:10 if they were allowing the new merc.
    ¿Do you know when he started to answer?
    Yes, at 20:20 at least…

    Anyway, Ok Ok!!!!!!!!! I will take note for the future, I won’t care a fuck if a team needs to play with a merc, always NO to them, Wish the best to the teams are still playing this division and a advise, BE CAREFUL WITH THIS DEFAULT WIN HUNTERS PLEASE.

  21. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    Seriously, These type of people remove me the feeling to play this league.
    And they were probably scared of us, come on, This people would get 99 def win if it would be necesary for reach Premier Division.
    If they go to div3 with this win (I’m sure They won’t cause bad) would be EPIC FAIL from ETF2L Admins.

    Anyway, If they get a chance to win/get promoted, I will drop without any doubt.

  22. NeuTronas: T said:

    Quote from Kop “second thing was at 8:40(40 minutes too late) u still only had 5 ppl on the server and wouldnt ready up.”

    That’s not true, we were 6 on the server at 20:15, but they didn’t want to let use any merc

    Quote: “that merc didnt show up and u requested a different person and that merc was declined as u saked far too late.”

    Yes We asked for another merc, because that didn’t show up, but they didn’t let us to choose any other merc, we asked to play in 5, but they just took default win.

  23. TheShadoW: trolltech - [MC] said:

    And what lesson did we learn My Sports Gaming ????? DON’T BOTHER TO PLAY IN A LEAGUE IF YOU CAN’T GET AT LEAST 6 PLAYERS. Couse the point of leagues is to play teams vs teams, its not like they are forced to accept a merc. ktnxpeaceout

  24. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    TheShadoW, so, you are sayinf that ALL THE TEAMS THAT CAN’T PLAY A FULL SEASON WITH THE WHOLE ROSTER (Unless they have 20 persons in the team) shouldn’t have signed up for this league?


  25. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    Come on, are you telling me that you never had to use a merc?

  26. TheShadoW: trolltech - [MC] said:

    As i said don’t bother to play in a league if you can’t get 6 players peaceout.

  27. Nikola said:


  28. cappz's: -IFLH- said:

    rofl shadow

  29. Douchebag Drake: [LAG] - [MC] said:

    After all this stuff happened: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) not sure if serious?

  30. Caeli: さん - #T4F said:

    With my old team div6 I won DECERTO (Although they were playing offclass) SO I MUST BE PREMIER OMG.

    fybedi playing as scout.
    Neutronas playing as Demo.
    I even wasn’t there!

    Seriosly Drake, you think you are better than us? Ok, let’s play other day.
    We will play on-class no mercs.
    But you won’t accept because you are cowards and don’t want to lose against better teams :D!
    If you are sure that you are better, you won’t have any doubt to play again against us?

  31. cappz's: -IFLH- said:

    yeah drake, not sure if serious

    we were playing 5 and it was a fun game rofl , why you take it so serious

  32. Poop: TSUN~ - [PG] said:

    screenshot bfaalizeè????!?!?!?!?! i dont BELIEVE this ;?

  33. fybedi: SHAME - TP said:!/m0HgQuNie/1

  34. TheShadoW: trolltech - [MC] said:

    get a life and stop acting like bunch of kids in the kindergarten

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