Season 10!

Division 6d

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Chunkeymunkey (MASTERMINDS)



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Portugal MASTERMINDS vs European Haze eSports
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Haze eSports (5) kaak, bigwhale, mati13, wnk1ee, Huzzy
MASTERMINDS (5) Barrow, Kriptz, Duff, ManoApolo, ZxPT
Unrostered (1) TrC


  1. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    this game isnt happen today

  2. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    theey agree that game isnt played tdy its next sunday

  3. Chunkeymunkey said:

    Both teams agreed that the game will not be played today, but only at 6th November.

  4. wnk1ee said:

    mati does not like snow

  5. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    send a kiss to mati ;P

  6. mati13 said:

    liar, I like the snowy one :( I hate the remake xD

  7. mati13 said:

    Would say GG if you weren’t so unpolite with ur rivals.

  8. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    GG,great season :)

  9. Chunkeymunkey said:

    gg wp tb!

  10. Chunkeymunkey said:

    They played with the merc “TrcC” that was allowed

  11. wnk1ee said:

    A team that should be in a very higher div team ( aim for div2 please ) instead of playing in div 6 .. all by all close on obscure as we came back to 2-1 and almost hade 2-2 ( sadly your solly hade 1 hp left.. ) then we lost confident , and dnno what happend on badlands.

    Good game all by all , but please stick to you’re normal division as all your players are PREM / div 1/2.

  12. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    Its our first season like a team,but we have players with experience to div4\3 but like a team div4(div2\1\Prem nooo lol),we wanted to go to a higher divisiion but we cant get screenshots at the time sry

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