6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Exfane (// Warning!)



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

European fragnatik.tf2 HUPER bitch vs Poland // Warning!
1 - 1

SourceTV: connect tf2.kso.lv:27023

SteamID Screenshots: A


fragnatik.tf2 HUPER bitch (5) Acky, atomic-, twisterdub, Lukas, huper
// Warning! (4) xiuxiu, Drozdzers, insuu, Exfane
Unrostered (2) Aspiring, AeZ!
Unregistered (1) XolluS


  1. PEPSI said:


  2. Ladder Challenge said:

    Match Reminder
    This challenge was accepted more than 7 days ago. You must play this game before 17/03/2011 or both teams will automatically incur a 5 point penalty. Penalty points will be removed upon completion of this match. Please schedule and play this game as soon as possible

  3. Lukas: ti. said:

    5:0 and 5:0 :)

  4. Cooler: 4Queens said:


  5. Cooler: 4Queens said:


  6. at0micz* said:

    5:0 would be great but when we are time outing,getting blue screens,rr computers or have no inet – it can’t be 5:0,cuz everytime cant play whole game normally because of technical problems :D

  7. Lukas: ti. said:


  8. PEPSI said:

    Pierdolisz atomicz :D wygramy 0:5 0:5 jak nie będzie żadnych puaz tak jak ostatnio fartem wygraliscie jedna mape bo co 7 minut pauza xD

  9. Lukas: ti. said:

    Jak byśmy grali z medykiem bez 3 backupow i merca to wiesz :D.

  10. insπrio. said:

    arrogant_mode “1”


    GL DZ

  11. Soyla: G\'n\'H - eyes said:

    stv bedzie?

  12. at0micz* said:

    connect tf2.kso.lv:27023

  13. at0micz* said:

    DZ. atmc* merc: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/13707/
    DZ. atmc* merc: merc
    // Warning! PEPSI: ye
    // Warning! PEPSI: accept

  14. PEPSI said:

    kurwa znowu to samo

  15. Lukas: ti. said:

    japierdole ;o

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