Monday Night Madness #8 - LOW


Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by DIEHARDD (Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band)



3 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia Game Over Tactics vs European Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
0 - 3

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  1. lay: Yes! - Yeh! said:

    great game, very exciting, enjoyed it a lot!
    4-3, Dr. BOSB have won, congratulations!

  2. DIEHARD said:

    gg, thank you ;)

  3. poxie said:

    why are you onclassing diehard?! :O its like a cheetah

  4. DIEHARD said:

    because Sketch made me to, and actually kinda rusty with Demoman, as I have played as Scout last month.

  5. RzR: 50(.) said:

    i remember that u guys change timelimit during the game
    is it allowed?

  6. RaCio: GoT² said:

    I remembered the timelimit was wrongly set from a previous game so I changed it (didn’t check the score).

    Sorry if it caused any inconvenience ;)

  7. RzR: 50(.) said:

    and why did u change it without asking anyone?
    our opponents asked us before the game about timelimit 25 and we agreed
    I watched demo and a few seconds before the end of 25th minute we won and the score was 3-2 for us
    but u changed timelimit during the game, so we played 5 minutes more

  8. Makaka: SDCK said:

    I’s Game Over Tactic’s win because the timelimit was set to 25 and by the end of it GO Team were winning.

  9. DIEHARD said:

    you guys are funny :))

  10. RzR: 50(.) said:

    we were playing 25 mins, and instead of this we played 30 min
    as we see now, its admins’ fault
    the result of 25th minute should be counted i think

  11. DIEHARD said:

    30min = 30min

  12. RzR: 50(.) said:

    u asked us about timelimit and we decided to play 25 mins
    and why the final result is the result of 30 mins?

  13. DIEHARD said:

    what, I didn’t ask anything, and nor do my teammates.

  14. RzR: 50(.) said:


    and after it we started the match with mp_timelimit 25

  15. DIEHARD said:

    lol, we decided? it wasn’t our sever!!! tell me where we decided, if you are whining so hardly, we can replay the match, silly russians.

  16. RzR: 50(.) said:

    ur teammate asked about it, man
    cant u see this?
    after his question and our answer the timelimit has been changed
    and please, be polite

  17. Makaka: SDCK said:

    You know that for these words you will probably get a warning or even ban for nationalism right?
    And the proof of rzr’s true is right over your message.

  18. Makaka: SDCK said:

    (was said to diehard)

  19. DIEHARD said:

    tak aizver savu paaksti

  20. DIEHARD said:

    he didn’t aprove any message lol, and I told ya stop whining, look how pathetc you are, if you want to replay it, we are ok… shouldnt be a problem now with our proper lineup lol

  21. RzR: 50(.) said:

    he didn’t aprove the message, but someone changed the timelimit, and if he didn’t change it then he told smbd to change it thnik
    also, there was no need in his approvement cuz it was his itiative

  22. RzR: 50(.) said:

    and DIEHARD, i wanna tell u…
    nedirs man te urla tada bleg

  23. DIEHARD said:

    it ka esmu latvietis, bet tas taa :D

    tu par sevi domaji par to urlu?

  24. Crasp: (Legend) - BACΩN | - бекон said:

    Hi Game Over Tactics and Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band,

    Firstly, please keep the posts clean and English.

    Secondly, Racio has already apologised for the timelimit changing, it was done remotely without anyone from either team asking and without knowing the state of the match.

    If both teams agree to replay the match though, I don’t think we would have any problems with that.

    – Crasp

  25. captain bubblebeard said:

    this is funny to me

  26. DIEHARD said:


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