Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 1

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1 - 8

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0 - 6

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International Living Life Casually vs Germany KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de
0 - 6

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Living Life Casually (9) Cyranide, Harry Tang, Devon Woodcomb, Hawky, AbbaCraka, Chuck, Rex, Luwinski, Morgan Grimes
KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de (9) HARDCORE, Goligo, Baumwoll-Auge-Joe, S34N, NKF, Ghost I-IV, ManniL, atcquest, babaan


  1. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    hi there, sunday 14th november 20 CET ?

  2. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:


  3. Hawky: mid said:

    Hi, I’m still trying to find out what days we are available to play, at the moment I am unsure. As soon as I know I’ll be in contact to try and arrange the game.

  4. Hawky: mid said:

    Hey, I’ve proposed the best time for us. Wedensday 17th 22:00 CET, if you cant do that let me know as soon as possible and maybe propose another date, I’ll see if we can do it.

  5. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    sry impossible for us. any other time tomorrow?

  6. Hawky: mid said:

    It’s too short notice to get everyone together for tonight now. We can’t do next weekend at all really but are good for any time on the evening of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week.

  7. Hawky: mid said:

    Proposed time Tuesday 14th 21:00 CET, is that any good for you? We can probably change the time if needed.

  8. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    I am Sorry, we have to play on a Sunday, most of our people play at the weekend

  9. Hawky: mid said:

    Okay spoke to our team and we will do Sunday if that’s the only time you can play. Match proposal accepted for 20:00 on Sunday 21/11/2010 :) Do you have a server or do you want to use ours?

  10. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    we can use yours, if the pings are ok.

    ist it possible for you to play at 19:00? we´ve got 2 m8 who have to play another league match at 21:00

  11. Hawky: mid said:

    No sorry we have to play at 20:00, can’t do an earlier time.

  12. HARDCORE: Ks said:

    hi there,

    do u have SourceTV?

    if u have STV please send me the ip.

  13. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    hi there,

    as i told you, 2 of us have got a league match tonoght at 9pm.

    if our match will be to long, i wanna ask if it will be ok fpr you if this guy http://etf2l.org/forum/user/7908/ can be my buddy replacement (merc)

  14. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    HARDCORE: hi
    HARDCORE: is it possibly, if one guy must leave the match, when he had to work, that we use a merc
    Hawky: what div is the merc? :P I
    HARDCORE: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/7908/
    Hawky: is he your buddy merc or just normal merc?
    HARDCORE: normal
    HARDCORE: buddy merc
    HARDCORE: its the merc for our buddy merc
    Hawky: okay thats fine :)
    HARDCORE: when he plays, he only plays the buddy clases
    Hawky: ok no problem :)
    HARDCORE: ok thx
    HARDCORE: we post it in the match comment
    Hawky: ok
    Hawky is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    HARDCORE: u just must accept in the match comment

  15. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:


    do you have the screens? my pred made some weird screens.
    ive got tha status screens.
    otherwise i have to get them from the demo

  16. Hawky: mid said:

    Good game :) I only have the status screens unfortunately. Not sure why upward score is 1-8 but you won both maps so the overall score is correct.

  17. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    i wasnt sure how i have to place the scores on the map :D

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