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Division 5f

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ash (Drunken Angels Unstoppable)



2 - 1

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0 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

Germany Drunken Angels Unstoppable vs Russia Riders On the Storm
3 - 3

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Drunken Angels Unstoppable (5) rischwa, doc :), GenerationQ, ash, WLL
Riders On the Storm (6) maaze, MypMaHck, Mercy, 77., Fl3X, Robert Waszkun
Unrostered (1) bloodangel


  1. Eeehehe said:

    Hi guys, when would you like to play? How about Sunday Nov 21, 21:00 CET?

  2. Eeehehe said:

    Я знаю, что в воскресенье рановато, но у нас позже будут затруднения найти дату…

  3. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    We wont play this week. Maybe next wednesday or thursday 20:30 cet.

  4. Ehehe said:

    We can’t play next week except for Monday. Monday 21 cet?

  5. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    Sry guys, we have some line-up problems. A week after next one, 29th and later :(

  6. Ehehe said:

    I’ll talk to my team later today, and see what dates we can do. But as I’ve told you before, we’ll have trouble to field a team in the beginning of December, which is why we’re trying to bring forward as many matches as possible… Also please hit the “challenge” box next time!

  7. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 28 November 2010, 20:45
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  8. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    Lolwut??? Wtf default date doin’ here??? we wont play at sunday 20:45, the latest acceptible beginning @ sunday – 20:00.

  9. Ehehe said:

    Then you’ll have to wildcard the game. I’m sorry, but some of us have kids who have to be put to bed around eight – there’s simply no way we could play earlier, on any day of the week. But I thought you’d wildcard this anyway due to line-up problems?

  10. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    >>Then you’ll have to wildcard the game.
    Tnx mate. It’s so smart to cry to admin “oh those damn drunken ruskies they beat us 65 years ago and nao they want us stop drinkin too early, we havent enough beer inside us to fight zem @ 20:00, ofcourse we’re all working at suhnday till 8pm, rest are having so many kidz they crei too, we keine play so earlie, oh zis iz bad, baerbal help uz!!!1111ein”
    We wont use our last wildcard, and if you are decent enough, we’ll start @ 20:15-20:30. Auf wiedersehen.

  11. PvD said:

    “those damn drunken ruskies they beat us 65 years ago”
    omg nice soviet warrior here

  12. Ehehe said:

    Мы не можем и никогда не сможем начать в восемь. Мы все взрослые люди, и да, сюрприз, некоторые из нас в восемь вечера только-только приходят домой с работы или занимаются с детьми. Мы что, виноваты, что вы живете черт знаешь где? Мы же ни иргаем в русской лиге и требуем, чтоб все под нас подстраивались. Да еще в таком тоне.

  13. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    >>omg nice soviet warrior here
    Actually some my grandparents are.
    But i blame u not for your impossibility to start playin some exact time (are u still sure that some of u work @ sunday til 8pm???), its fuckin awful to cry to the admin to get an advantage while scheduling. Shoud i talk to russian admin or how can u imagine my next actions?
    It’s EUROPEAN league, not german, u dont play against asian teams yet. And if some of u have children and still play, i’m really sorry for this. Maybe they should spend some time with children after work, not playin videogames?

  14. Ehehe said:

    >>Actually some my grandparents are.
    Guess what? So were mine.

    We did not talk to an admin about the date. We had nothing to do with this default date at all, except for suggesting it two days prior. But as a matter of fact, not everyone gets to pick their working times. Oh and thanks for the parenting advice.

    The only thing I could offer you is to play late in December, like around the 20th. We should manage to play earlier close to the Christmas holidays. But I’m not sure that we’d be allowed to postpone the match that long by the ETF2L.

  15. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    >>Guess what? So were mine.
    But on the other side.

    >>We did not talk to an admin about the date.
    1. Ehehe proposed to play at 21/11/2010 21:00, which was rejected
    2. Ehehe proposed to play at 22/11/2010 21:00, which was rejected
    3. 77.Shot.exe proposed to play at 28/11/2010 20:00, which was rejected
    4. Ehehe proposed to play at 28/11/2010 20:45, which was rejected
    5. baerbel proposed to play at 28/11/2010 20:45, which was accepted

    5. baerbel proposed to play at 28/11/2010 20:45, which was accepted

    5. baerbel proposed to play at 28/11/2010 20:45

    5. baerbel


  16. Ehehe said:


    Funny how you’re so quick to jump to conclusions there. Since you’re so good at connecting evidence, I suppose that you’ve insulted my grandparents on purpose?

  17. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    Its hard to believe in.

    >>insulted my grandparents
    Viva la resistance?

  18. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Stop the flames or I will have to give a warning.
    This applies to your other matches as well, R.O.S!

  19. Ehehe said:

    We’re offering one more time to reschedule the match for a different time in the last week of the season. You can add Rischwa on Steam if you want to discuss the date.

  20. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    >>You can add Rischwa
    Does Rischwa know that he was added?

  21. Ehehe said:

    Doesn’t look like he’s online today. I’ll add you.

  22. Ehehe said:

    Samstag, 27. November 2010
    17:54 – massive. Ehehe: hi
    17:54 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: hey
    17:55 – massive. Ehehe: we could play dec 22nd
    17:57 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: okay, lest play 22nd
    17:57 – massive. Ehehe: 20:15?
    17:57 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: time?
    17:57 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: okay
    17:57 – massive. Ehehe: or later if you can manage :)
    17:57 – massive. Ehehe: the latest you can
    17:58 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: so 22.12, 20:15
    17:58 – massive. Ehehe: ok
    17:59 – massive. Ehehe: we’re supposed to notify an admin if we change the default date, our team will do it
    17:59 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: mabbe we’ll add coments to the matchpage?
    17:59 – massive. Ehehe: that, too
    17:59 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: so lets do both of it :]

  23. Ehehe said:

    19:35 – massive. Ehehe: Admin tells us we can’t play after the 19th
    19:35 – massive. Ehehe: so how about dec 19th?
    19:35 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: нуфз
    19:35 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: yeap
    19:38 – massive. Ehehe: so it’s ok? december 19th 20:15
    19:38 – massive. Ehehe: pls confirm so i can turn off the computer :)
    19:38 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: i’m already confirmed :]
    19:38 – massive. Ehehe: ok, i wasn’t sure on the interpretation :D
    19:38 – [R.O.S] 77 th$^&T(%NO CARRIER: ;)

  24. ouch said:

    massive ftw! :) (germans and russians are the reason i’m not living in the usa so a big shoutout goes to ROtS as well)

  25. Ehehe said:

    Sorry, we have to change the date again. Two of our main lineup have to go on business trips. I’ve proposed 13/12/10, please let us know asap if you can play.

    @ Ouch: Was it supposed to make sense? It kinda didn’t, at least not to me.

  26. PvD said:

    Ouch is awesome, cuz he is in the tfportal Team. They are cool :)))

  27. Ehehe said:

    Sorry, I accepted by accident. We can NOT play on the 19th. I suggested December 6th.

  28. rischwa: EC! said:

    How about Monday the 13th or Wednesday the 15th?

  29. Ash: (Legend) said:

    Can we please delay the match to 2115CET? One of our players won’t be available before that due to being at work :(

  30. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    No we can’t. Absolutely no way. Look for a 5-6 div merc.

  31. rischwa: EC! said:

    would you mind starting 20:30 instead?

  32. rischwa: EC! said:

    we would like to play with a merc then, is
    okay for you?

  33. rischwa: EC! said:

    we can play on our server
    password massive; connect

  34. WiLL said:

    GG WP guys

  35. Ash: (Legend) said:

    Good game!

    They allowed bloodangel as merc for freight:

  36. 77.Shot.exe: [R.O.S] said:

    >>They allowed bloodangel as merc for freight
    But we shouldn’t do this >.<. Bad game, gayfreight.

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