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Division 3a

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by LuckyLuke (Lethal-Zone Green)



3 - 2

[Screenshots: A B C ]



1 - 2

[Screenshots: A B C D E ]

Russia Guristas vs European Lethal-Zone Green
3 - 3


SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Lethal-Zone Green (6) Edd, LuckyLuke, profane, Natural, BIG YIDDY JOHNSON, fallen
Guristas (6) idNk, DSELR, sammie, MarveL, Shade, fe


  1. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Sup my Russians, when would you like to play this? We’re booked for sunday the 21st. We prefer to start at 20:45.

  2. fe said:

    I have not asked team mates yet, but 20:45 is usual time, we start pcws. But we have a wildcarded match, need to schedule it too. We’ll answer today-tomorrow.
    P.s. Nazi >:(

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Thursday, 18 November 2010, 20:45
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. stefaaan: ist doof said:

    gogo awarche!

  5. LuckyLuke said:


  6. n0va: T2P said:


  7. DSELR: IC| said:

    gg thx for good game friends.

  8. LuckyLuke said:

    gravel shouldn’t be entered as golden cap, it’s best of 3 ;)

  9. DSELR: IC| said:

    wow sorry i`m new cap.
    do not yet know all the details =)

  10. fe said:

    Nice win against 5 players! You must be proud of yourself.

  11. profane said:

    no offense in anyway but we could’ve defaulted you guys after waiting for 25 minutes before freight. also please read the rules regarding PAUSING the game during a match and mercs generally. gg

  12. fe said:

    As I said before match, we were ready to wait your pcw end w/o caring how much time you need, I wrote it after we finished our pcw and I didn’t know that we’ll have problems with 2 players. Thank you for waiting, but it’s just a fairplay rule, only retards takes def after 15 mins. About pause, our fail, we thought 10 mins allowed, but you didn’t say we are wrong. And of course, you can reject our ask about merc, but in this case you really must be proud of win without chances to do that against 6 players.

  13. randa said:

    wow awarche you sound like a cunt.

  14. Chris: (0v0) said:

    that’s because he is.

  15. Chris: (0v0) said:

    doesn’t know shit about computers either)))))

  16. fe said:

    eat my shit trolls

  17. Shade: boliyduo - Lohysi said:

    While on your side was not “Fair play” At the request of the mercenaries you’re the only ones who refused, provided that all always agree.
    Boys learn fair play, and not due to the fact whether you are lucky or not

  18. Shade: boliyduo - Lohysi said:

    and the last victory of the 5×6, you just play the lads are always under such conditions!

  19. Yidd said:

    You butthurt boys are still talking amongst yourselves, eh?

    Here’s a list of things you guys can work on next time you have an official.

    1) Be on time. No one likes to wait 30 minutes for a match to start, especially when you already have 12 on.

    2) Stick to the agreed match server and don’t make excuses about switching servers, especially to one that is in Russia. You had ample time to do a ping check and it wasn’t an issue until last minute.

    3) Don’t pause a match halfway through the 2nd map for over 10 minutes (the limit is 5). When we tried to unpause after 5 minutes, your team repeatedly paused it again.

    4) We could have agreed upon a merc had we known it was going to be an issue. But at this point? Really? We were nice guys up until number 3.

    5) Be courteous no matter the outcome. As expected, you guys came in here foaming at the mouths. Not a surprise, but do pick up your drool off the floor. It is in bad taste after all.


  20. Chris: (0v0) said:

    u mad awarche?((((

  21. sammie said:

    you are so cool lads, especially when you playing 5vs6. it’s really very interesting!. thx.

  22. fe said:

    1) You know what is tech probs?
    2) We can change server for second map without caring what you cry about, and who is going to test pings by whole team? btw, fuck you, we never ask princesses to play on tough Russian servers.
    3) You didn’t say anything when we said that it might be 10mins in rules.
    4) blahblahblah, chickens
    5) Of course we want to tell everyone what a good time they may have when playing with you, work on your chicken souls or stfu.

  23. profane said:

    sorry I can’t resist this anymore :’D

  24. fe said:

    ебааать, не могу сдержаться, ну ты ебанааат тупорылый.

  25. profane said:

    cool kyrgyzian line telling a story about neckbearded basement dwellers, like yourself!

  26. Yidd said:

    Damn, that language is so fucked up. I took what awarche wrote, put it into Google translator, and this is what I got:

    ebaaat not help myself, well, you ebanaaat ROUNDNOSE.

    Maybe I should stop laughing and feel offended. Who knows? ;]

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