Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 207

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Chili Con Carnage (Team Overclocked Remix)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



1 - 6

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0 - 1

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UnitedStates Hoodoo U Think We Are? vs UnitedStates Team Overclocked Remix
0 - 6

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Hoodoo U Think We Are? (7) Spanky, DRAGON, Sw1f7, zcradic, SgtDan, master cylinder, TheMetaKnight
Team Overclocked Remix (3) FireSlash, Chili Con Carnage, miyako


  1. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    I can’t yet speak for the rest of my team, but scheduling the match for Wednesday evening or later would work best for me.

  2. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    The current time that works best for my team is Wednesday, September 29, at 8 PM EST. We have a highlander server available.

  3. TheMetaKnight: HUTWA said:

    I’m contacting my team to confirm a time. Is it possible to move that back an hour (9PM Eastern) for our players on the West coast? Also, that server is greatly appreciated! Our team is pretty new to this tournament scene. Do you know what the map order for the matchup is? (1st Dustbowl then Upward, or viceversa)

  4. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    So far it looks like 9 PM EST works for us. I’ll have a more definite answer later tonight.

    Server IP is, I’ll give you the password via Steam chat once we have a time worked out.

  5. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    Dustbowl comes first as far as I know.

  6. TheMetaKnight: HUTWA said:

    Alright well let’s schedule this for 9PM eastern Wednesday (tomorrow) to make it official. Any other problems we’ll deal with day-of.

  7. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    Wait… is the 0300 time the properly-adjusted time zone? Just in case, I’ve sent a proposed time of 2100.

  8. TheMetaKnight: HUTWA said:

    I believe the time submitted for all matches is in Central European Time. Therefore, 9PM Eastern is actually 3AM CET. I think that was stipulated in the Highlander rules.

  9. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    As well as the day before, apparently.

  10. TheMetaKnight: HUTWA said:

    Yeah, wow. Small oversight there. Just accepted the most recent (and chronologically correct) date/time. My bad.

  11. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    Well this is odd. Dunno why the score flipped out.

  12. TheMetaKnight: HUTWA said:

    …weren’t you guys the ones with the “6”?

  13. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    We definitely were. Don’t know why it reversed when submitted.

  14. Chili Con Carnage: [OCR] said:

    I brought it to an admin’s attention; hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  15. baerbel: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Fixed the result.

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