Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 147

Week 3

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0 - 1

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0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

UnitedStates Khromatic Killers Clan vs UnitedStates TEAM LAZER EXPLOSION
0 - 6


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TEAM LAZER EXPLOSION (9) MistressMagee, T0NT0, defrag, Adrianna, TheLawn, Yarkx-Sleh, DennisTheMennis, Lioness, Plant
Khromatic Killers Clan (8) Cuttlefish, thatmudkipguy, GOLDENTRIANGLES, Darth Z, mrhammer, Aaron Mays, Michael, daswookie108


  1. TheLawn: TLE said:

    Hey guys! Lookin forward to our game!
    Just lemme know what times are good for you so we can set something up.

  2. Darth Z: KKC said:

    Ok, we’ll work out some times later tonight and get back to you.

  3. Darth Z: KKC said:

    We’re good on Saturday (Maaaybe Sunday), not sure what time of the day.
    Maybe if we knew what times you could do it Saturday, we could use that.

  4. TheLawn: TLE said:

    We already have matches on Saturday. :/ Sunday or Monday are our only free days this week.

  5. Darth Z: KKC said:

    We can most likely do Sunday. What time of the day would be good? (Please include timezone information)

  6. TheLawn: TLE said:

    I proposed sunday 6pm central.
    It will show up as 1am on monday because of the CEST timezone thing this site uses :P
    Though anything around that time is fine for us.

  7. Darth Z: KKC said:

    I accepted the time, but after checking again, it says Sept. 28th 2010, 1 AM; which is Monday at 6 Central.

    I’m editing it to Sunday which is 27/9/2010 at 1:00 am

  8. TheLawn: TLE said:

    Well I’m a dumbass. :P
    Thanks for fixing that :D

  9. Darth Z: KKC said:

    Lol, no problem.

    Can’t wait for the match

  10. Darth Z: KKC said:

    This is our first match. How do we get the server IP? Is it announced later or is there a certain IP we use for every match?

  11. TheLawn: TLE said:

    You have to provide your own server for the match. :P
    Don’t worry though, we have one located in Texas with the ETF2L configs loaded and ready to go.
    Unless you have a super fancy one, we’ll play wherever.

  12. TheLawn: TLE said:

    I sent you a friend invite :P

  13. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Corrected the steam id of Yarkx-sleh, a 1 was supposed to be a 0.
    KKC, you are free to send a complaint via IRC. Use this http://etf2l.org/etf2l/support/ or use another irc client, go to #etf2l @ quakenet and type !admin

  14. Michael: KKC said:


  15. thatmudkipguy: KKC said:

    This was an exciting, challenging match. We played a fun game and lost. Good game everyone, and we hope TLE does well in future matches also.

  16. Michael: KKC said:

    go tell ur grandkids i was a famous modder and troller in HIGHLANDER

  17. Michael: KKC said:


  18. Darth Z: KKC said:

    The player list is incorrect, we had 9 players and for some reason one did not appear in console, however his name and avatar can be seen in the scoreboard.

    It was LordDeTracy, steam ID 0:0:28765866.

    There was some connection issues with him at one point, where he had to leave and reconnect. I assume that was when the screenshot was taken. However I do not have a screenshot of the status, for some reason it didn’t take one when I hit the button.

  19. goldentriangles said:

    I have 3 demo files but don’t know how to convert them. And they are most likely bigger than the site will allow.

  20. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    You can upload demo files on a filehoster like mediafire. You do not need to convert the demo files, everyone owning TF2 is able to playback a demo file.

  21. TheLawn: TLE said:

    I would like to formally apologize on behalf of {FITH} Gaming and Team Lazer Explosion for any confusion in today match.

    We at {FITH} Gaming do not condone cheating in any form and we hope you understand.
    I am currently uploading a demo from my perspective which you can view and you will see that no sourcemod commands were used during the entirety of the match during play.

    We hope that this will clear up and bad blood, we don’t want to give ourselves a bad name, like you guys we are in this for fun. If we win… that’s just gravy.

  22. TheLawn: TLE said:

    Also, Michael, just a couple words of wisdom. And I mean these with the best intent and I mean absolutely no disrespect.
    But is the way you behave really how you wish to represent your clan?
    I assume you are the leader, and by being a leader you should set the best example.
    You should always put on a professional face and treat everyone with the same amount of respect that you wish to be treated with.

    I hope we get to play you again, even if it’s just for fun.
    Best of luck in the rest of the competition. :)

  23. LordDeTracy: KKC said:

    Hmm, apparently i didnt play the game? lol I clearly remember having my @$$ handed to me, so why am I not on the kkc team list? It shows 8 people on their team, the 9th was me.

  24. LordDeTracy: KKC said:

    Also, if any one can post some demos…that would be great, thanks.

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