Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 93

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Dead Rabbit (Alte Leidenschaft)



6 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



4 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Germany Alte Leidenschaft vs European Brain Shake
6 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A B


Alte Leidenschaft (9) Dead Rabbit, [AL] Royal Liu#SWAG, Joy, vollschiff, [AL] Flash, Propaganda Panda, Metroid, Painclaw, [AL] Aprophis [AUT]
Brain Shake (9) Simpsik, AmbiiiK, Olin, Sashmen13cz, MrcvrkCz, Mr.Fruit, Foyer, Strno, Fanous_CZ


  1. Dead Rabbit: [AL] said:

    Hi, Im looking forward to our upcoming match ^^ (im a newbie in the challenge so i hope we can get this to work). We have to find a time shedule until next monday and have to play the match in the course of the next week. So contact your team members and find out when they have time. I will do the same here for my team.

  2. vlm said:

    hi, i’m already finding a suitable date, i’ll let you know as soon as we agree on some…

  3. vlm said:

    Hi, preliminary date: Wednesday 29.09.2010 at 20:00 CEST, we have a server to play on so that’s shouldn’t be a problem…

  4. vlm said:

    if you agree with this date, just confirm it in your schedule.

  5. Dead Rabbit: [AL] said:

    Ok i did. The date seems fine for us. We can play the match on your Server if the pings are acceptable (Is there a possibility that we can join your server for testing before next Wednesday? I couldnt find your Serveraddress on your homepage, cause my Czech has become a bit rusty ^^). Otherwise we can test our Server.

  6. vlm said:

    hey, our server will be on only for the game so we can test servers right before it, i’d prefer ours just because of easy access to sourcetv demo, in case you can provide that for us there will be absolutely no problem whatsoever to play on yours. see you on wednesday, i’ll probably add you on steam so we can communicate easily, cheers

  7. Dead Rabbit: [AL] said:

    We have source TV too, but i think we’ll try your server. You’re welcome to test ours anyway.
    By the way, i added you.

  8. karel_varel: BA-NA-NA said:


  9. vlm said:

    gg, best of luck in your next matches!

  10. Dead Rabbit: [AL] said:

    thx dito.
    Here’s the forum thread concerning our “unregistered” player:

  11. Dead Rabbit: [AL] said:

    Ok proplem with the player is fixed now

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