Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 38

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
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6 - 5

[Screenshots: A B ]



5 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]

Germany KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de vs International Knight's Social Club
6 - 0

SourceTV: war.kifferstuebchen.de:27020

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Knight's Social Club (6) Fadango, Pvt Poopstorm, Chiefie, Ruskeydoo, Heavius, Pancake McWaffles
KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de (5) Baumwoll-Auge-Joe, NKF, DaFraggle, atcquest, babaan
Unrostered (1) Loe


  1. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    Hi there, do you have a special date you wish to play?

    Ours will be Monday till Wednesday at 8pm MEZ

  2. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    Sundays is best for us if you can do that?

    Sunday 26th 20:00 CET?

    I’ll ask around the team and see if people can do mon-weds

  3. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    Sunday isn´t so good for most of us cause we have got several of 6on6 gamers wich have train on this day.

  4. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    I’ve asked around and mid week matches really not so good for us. If it’s just training for you guys on Sunday can’t you skip it for a match?… Or reshedule your training for mon – weds?

  5. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    Forgot to tick the email to leader box on last message

  6. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    i am sorry that will be a problem for most of us, especially for me.

  7. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    This is the Highlander Community Challenge page:

    The particularly relevent section reads:
    “The usual playing time for ETF2L matches is Sunday’s from 20:00-21:30 CET. Make sure you are willing to (and can!) play at such times and on European servers before you sign up.”

  8. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    thanks for this comment, most of the teams i played against in the last 2 years had no problems playing from mon till wed

  9. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    I’m sorry. I asked around the team and for the moment we can only guarantee to have enough people at the time that ETF2L specified on the sign up information.

  10. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    ok i have to look for a merc but i can tell you it isn´t realy helpful to have just one day to play all the matches.

  11. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    is this merc ok for you?


    its our coach and he knows all the players best.

  12. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    Happy for you to use this guy. Though he appears to have played in a higher division than 6 so presumably he’d be taking up your buddy slot and playing a buddy class?

  13. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    yes of course, i am the buddy of our team cause of that i wanted to play the match at another day.
    i heard that another guy of our team wont be there on sunday so i have to look for another merc who played division 6

    so is the buddy merc ok for you?

  14. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    Yes, happy with a buddy replacement merc.

  15. S34N: trick17 - Ks said:

    thanks a lot.
    should we take our server? it is located in germany.

    IP: tar.kifferstuebchen.de
    (for ping check)

    if youve got any questions this weekend, DaFraggle is your contact person.

  16. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    One of our guys has a server but we haven’t tried it with the ETF2L stuff on it yet. If that works we play one match on each (your choice which match on which server), if that doesn’t come together we play both on yours.

  17. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    Ok we have got our server up and running

    IP address:

  18. HARDCORE: Ks said:

    plz play the first map on our server, because we already announced the match with our stv to our community

  19. Loe de Kangoeroe said:

    I merced for S34N, the buddy, and thus also took the screens for this match. I am not in the team so I uploaded them to imageshack for anyone who might have the rights to upload them on etf2l.


    it was a gg and I absolutely enjoyed the hw round :)

  20. Loe de Kangoeroe said:

    lol at me failing at html :D


  21. Ruskeydoo: TC.Crash said:

    I screwed up getting the right pictures and now I’m looking at it, inputting the scores *facepalm*

    If an admin has to untangle my mess later, the screens that Loe de Kangoeroe has put up are completely true and uncontested :)

    Thanks for a couple of great games guys!

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