6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by skA (pwnd)



2 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

European TF2 is dead vs European pwnd
1 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


TF2 is dead (5) rge, Sonny Black, Vladi, bm, miz.stony
pwnd (6) Rufy, THE PROSPECTOR, NoBoDy.Joe, Cek, alexioR, skA
Unrostered (1) Hat


  1. alexioR: 7lives said:

    hi,have you a server?
    when you want play?

  2. Vladi: TIDS said:

    hey, i think 21:00 – 22:00 CET should be okay for us – just for the case of emergency: would it be okay to use a merc, like from div5 or something – one of our mainscouts may not be able to make it on short notice?

    i will add u in team so we can talk about servers, alexior.

  3. Vladi: TIDS said:

    7lives.alexioR: aniway dont problem about the merc,we play to train

    merc granted – ill post his etf2l-page here as soon as i know who it is.

  4. reCon said:

    ololololol 0-5!

  5. alexioR: 7lives said:


  6. Vladi: TIDS said:

    Vladi: ok
    Vladi: thanks
    Vladi: ill ask zerox then
    7lives.alexioR: nice 1 :D
    7lives.alexioR: i hope that he play
    7lives.alexioR: :P
    Vladi: :P
    Vladi: :D
    Vladi: hum having trouble to find a proper merc
    Vladi: i would take an offclass merc from a higher div
    7lives.alexioR is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    7lives.alexioR: :(
    7lives.alexioR: ok
    Vladi: thx

  7. Hat said:

    soooooo, soldiers and demo couldnt hit anything

    but the scouts hit every shot


  8. alexioR: 7lives said:

    we are uploading the demo and i talk with vladi to change our etf2l div…thank you guys :D

  9. Hat said:

    you should probably change soldiers and demo first, and maybe tweak the aimbots a little

    but good luck!

  10. Cek: 7lives said:


  11. alexioR: 7lives said:

    we are uploading the demo,with a 2 megabyte adsl it is an hard work :P
    aniway i hope that vladi dont lie and respect his world to talk with the admin :D

  12. RiX said:

    already a lot of people in the italian community said that they were particularly “hax” ]]

  13. NoBoDy.Joe said:

    there is the first one:http://rapidshare.com/files/419277651/20100915_2231_cp_freight_final1_red_blu.dem

    now the second :http://rapidshare.com/files/419279469/20100915_2143_cp_badlands_7livs_blu.dem

  14. alexioR: 7lives said:

    my demos: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CE7M8YN0

    1 of the two scouts

  15. Cek: 7lives said:

    this is the badland one


    btw italian community is dead

  16. Cek: 7lives said:

    and ye im scout :>

  17. Engelhardt said:

    Italian community says: cheaters.
    European community says: cheaters.
    uhm uhm uhm….

  18. alexioR: 7lives said:

    they are accusing the two scouts…
    when in italy me and cek were accused of cheating?

  19. Cek: 7lives said:

    this is why the italian community is dead


  20. Engelhardt said:

    This is why tf2 is dead: 7Lives.
    RFTH: Rufy For The Hax

  21. Cek: 7lives said:

    loro non accusano rufy di hacking, dicono che fa pure cagare.

    stanno accusando me e ale ciccione (:3)

  22. josku said:

    hat faceva scout?

  23. alexioR: 7lives said:

    solly/scout i think

  24. NoBoDy.Joe said:

    btw the italian comunity is bad really,why? because all italian team are gealous of us and accusing us of cheating, O___O and for me this shit is good and our reputation goes up! and yours go down GG italians team :D

  25. Hat said:

    well when you have aimbotters in your team im pretty sure the only place your ‘rep’ goes is downwards!

  26. Hat said:

    btw cek upload your freight demo

  27. josku said:

    calm down mate
    im italian and i didnt say nothing to u or ur team..its just some randomdiv6italian saying u these accusations

  28. alexioR: 7lives said:

    hat,the demo of both the scout are uploaded,go and see it

  29. NoBoDy.Joe said:

    …have you got something for accusing our scouts? NO now shut up and watch the demos,cek upload is demo tomorrow because it’s too late now and he has to go bed for school tomorrow btw when you see demos i want your apologies here on etf2l <3 bye

  30. alexioR: 7lives said:

    cek will upload freight demo tomorrow because he have to leave

  31. NoBoDy.Joe said:

    @josku i talk generally about the italian community, and i don’t attack any team :D cmq sono joe e parlo italiano lolololo :D

  32. Vladi: TIDS said:

    i am not accusing anyone right now – all i said (and thats what i said to alexior as well) is:

    IF your play is legit – and from what ive seen from the scouts, especially on the first map (badlands), was UNBELIEVABLE – then you definitely should go for ~div4/3.
    we are a new team and have sometimes problems with our teamplay, but we for sure have good deathmatch skills, which also showed in the gamescore.
    you on the other hand had 2 beasts as scouts and a very aggressive and destroying gamestyle with huge damageoutput. it was a piece of work to win this match for us on a day of bad form of our whole team, so div6/5 is the wrong division for you.

    everything said, supposing that noone is cheating.
    and please stick to english, anything else is just rude.

  33. RiX said:

    as far as i know birds have twittered about wh and radar not aimbot nor other stuff

  34. NoBoDy.Joe said:

    Vladi thanks for your compliments, btw our team accusing us and this now is very boring… rix shut up and learn to play.

  35. RiX said:

    aye aye ill go to practice

  36. NoBoDy.Joe said:


  37. NoPhantasy: FRAGGA`s said:


  38. Turbo: bobs said:

    7 lives don’t hack .

    They play well .

    The people who say they hack are just childish

  39. Cek: 7lives said:

    had to leave sry. i’m uploading the freight demo by now


  40. THE PROSPECTOR: SeQuitta? said:

    ho giocato di merda questa partita e nn ho fatto la demo, ero addormentato.
    cmq gg se abbiamo degli scout che erano in forma e hanno arato i culi cittano? allora in tutte le partite che giocano i TCM gli scout cittano… OOOOOOOK

  41. Cek: 7lives said:

    forse non hai capito, ci accusano di ceating perchè pensavano fossimo skill div 6 e si sono trovati gli scout che tiravano biscottoni.


    here is the freight demo


  42. Skadius: TF2Pickup said:

    want my demo too or no need for me?

  43. Rufy said:

    and mine?

  44. Skadius: TF2Pickup said:

    sorry for not beign nice or for insulting u , my mom was making me rage , i was getting tired of her and i descharged on you :S sorry :(

  45. josku said:


  46. Vladi: TIDS said:

    either you start talking english here or hack accusations will not be the only thing i talk to an admin about.
    and ye, we want ALL demos, so 6 pov demos from badlands – we dont really care about the freight demos.

  47. Cek: 7lives said:

    ma tu sei josku soldier fail?

    e perchè sto facendo domande ovvie?

  48. Cek: 7lives said:

    sorry but i do not know how to taunt well vs italian in english….

  49. Rufy said:

    this is the demo of freight http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QNVDXPMM

    i haven’t the demo of badlands, fucking p-rec doesn’t worked

  50. alexioR: 7lives said:

    in this day skadius(the demo) will upload his demo

  51. Skadius: TF2Pickup said:

    this is the demo from badlands:http://rapidshare.com/files/419398302/20100915_2042_cp_badlands_7livs_blu.dem

  52. Cek: 7lives said:

    rufy hasn’t got the badlands demo becouse in the last update p-rec bugged and he forgot to replace it.

    he noticed it only when u ask us for the demos after the 1st map so we are sorry.

    btw u are accusing scouts and “soldiers and demo couldnt hit anything”

    hope that isn’t a problem

  53. Vladi: TIDS said:

    well then stop taunting.

    btw, according to people i spoke to, there may be no aimbot, but wallhacks can be used by anyone on the team for the whole team advantage. again, we are not accusing anyone – but we insist on ALL demos.

  54. hoppi: TIDS said:

    is there a stv demo of badlands?

  55. Cek: 7lives said:

    we are very sry but rufy has not the demo of badlands.

    U said aimbot, then triggerbot then wallhack. how about not rage sir?

    there isn’t the sourcetv demo beacouse there wasn’t the source tv.

  56. THE PROSPECTOR: SeQuitta? said:

    no source tv in the server, i’ve not demo because i was crashed in badlands so the demo is stopped

  57. Ladro: [DA] - [AD] said:

    well..if wallhacks can be used by anyone your mates can use it too,right?

  58. THE PROSPECTOR: SeQuitta? said:

    i can put the first demo but nothing more

  59. alexioR: 7lives said:

    nop,new shitty server and we dont know how to make automatically stv demo…aniway guys,previuous about aimbot,now something else…

    we accepted all your merc and previous the match we were very friendly,we dont challenge you and we are upload a lot of demo,and let the stv on…

    n1 guys

  60. NoPhantasy: FRAGGA`s said:

    “well..if wallhacks can be used by anyone your mates can use it too,right?”

    nosense is nosense

  61. Cek: 7lives said:


  62. Daggial: fap said:


  63. hoppi: TIDS said:


  64. hoppi: TIDS said:

    without any proof dont call them cheater ;) i actually wont say that they’re all cheaters

  65. alexioR: 7lives said:

    finally…thanks guys and gg

  66. Vladi: TIDS said:

    i just think its a funny coincidence, that 2 people dont have the demo from that part of the map, where we got VERY puzzled about some things.
    i am sorry, but i have the STRONG feeling, that there is something wrong here. but i dont have any proof, so i wont start pointing my finger, meaning going to an admin, but someone should keep an eye on you guys.

  67. Cek: 7lives said:

    that’s why in div 6 we are not used ti upload demos… but watevs, i don’t mind admins seeing me playing ;)

  68. josku said:

    hey cek i found out something

    u suck at english lololololololo111

  69. Cek: 7lives said:

  70. reCon said:

    all shut up?!?… olololol

  71. S19: eXtreme said:

    “there may be no aimbot, but wallhacks can be used by anyone on the team”



    And who lost his demo? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Sorry but i can’t stop myself.

    If someone would look at another interesting stv demo i’ll provide it to him (i have to found it, but i’m sure that i can). Just ask to me.

    For 7lives: i’m not accusing you to cheat, i’m just helping people. I like to help people.

  72. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:


  73. RaiKo: DB said:

    Cazzo lo ammetto, sono invidioso dei SETTE LIVS! Non può passare un minuto che io non rosichi pensando a voi, a quanto siete pr0ah, che invidia…

  74. Warrior: eXtreme said:

    E’ qui la festa? No srsly, go eat rosik
    e poi senza la REQUIRED DEMO, cittate o no, punti penalità in vista
    anche se la scusa: scusate stavo dormendo…si vabbè gg bb and another time think more for a nicer exscuse

  75. S19: eXtreme said:

    If someone would enjoy it:


    sv_cheats 1
    mat_wireframe 4 (or 2-3 i don’t remember)

  76. Cek: 7lives said:

    enjoy the demo!

  77. Cek: 7lives said:

    cmq la demo di rufy c’è

  78. S19: eXtreme said:

    Cek they asked you to speak english.

    I’ll translate: “Cek sai: however rufy has got his demo”.

    So i’m going to ask you cek:

    Are you sure???

    “Rufy: 7lives – 7lives said:

    September 16th, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    this is the demo of freight http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QNVDXPMM

    i haven’t the demo of badlands, fucking p-rec doesn’t worked”

    And, as you can see above, Vladi asked for POV demos from Badlands, not from freight :)

    @Vladi: above there are comments in italian from my mates. If you want i can try to translate them, but don’t mind about it, they are talking to 7lives not to you.

  79. S19: eXtreme said:

    We won ^^

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