Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 6l

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by broodje (Lethal-Zone)



1 - 4

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0 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Romania Green Syndicate vs European Lethal-Zone
0 - 6


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Green Syndicate (5) Cake, SpAt, Sheppard, punct, NyLLaH
Lethal-Zone (6) VooDoo BE, Johnny_Blaze666, Keltsu, Slowriffs, Kitsune, broodje
Unrostered (1) Raizen88


  1. Johnny_Blaze666: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:

    hey, we have to play an official for week 6.. i took the time to check for a date and hour, so plz verify if you can play..
    We have a nice server located in the netherlands

    I’ve added someone here to my friendslist, so we can check ur connectivity on our server earlier this week..

  2. Cake: -gS- said:

    hey, we play one week later than etf2l’s schedule due to being introduced late into the season.

    that means on the 28th :)
    i’ll propose the new date

    also we would rather play on our server which, as yours, is located in the netherlands (amsterdam) aswell

  3. Johnny_Blaze666: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:

    Mmh, can you guys play on the 22th then? 22/03/2010 20:00CET
    coz we’ll probably our next offi(the ones that come after you) on the 28th, since sunday is a day that everybody is home normally and everyone has lots of time to prepare for war(eat in time, warm up)..

    and since ur server is located in the same city i don’t see the need to switch servers ^^
    we have lot of people watching and they’re used to watch our stv..
    and our 6th is Finnish and has problems on other servers, but if there is a connectivity problem, we’ll check ur server.. :)

  4. Cake: -gS- said:

    we can’t play on during weekdays cause at that hour either everyone is tired or still at work or on the way home ,tho we could try playing on the saturday 20th (same time)

    but i can’t confirm, need to ask the others

    and if the server is located in the same city then we shouldn’t have a problem :) (ofc people could always have issues you never know :P )

  5. Johnny_Blaze666: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:

    Mmhz, we also have people who work and go to college but we do play on weekday’s tho… you can’t ask people to sacrifice their friday or saterday evening, some of us have a social life u know ^^

    so the only day that’s left over then is sunday i suppose…

  6. Cake: -gS- said:

    ok then, can you play earlier on sunday ? like 17 cet

    cause we already have another 2 matches proposed for 19 cet and 18 cet and everybody’s going out by 20 cet (we’re +1 cet).

  7. Cake: -gS- said:

    meh i hate to juggle 3 matches in 2 different leagues… disregard the 2nd statement in the comment above

    we have the match vs usf at 20 cet
    the esl match we had schedueled for 18 cet on sunday is suddenly being played tomorrow…

    so that leaves 19 or 18 cet this sunday, we’re fine with either :)

  8. Johnny_Blaze666: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:

    or we play on the date u suggested, should be the easiest solution :)

    so what if we play at Sunday the 28th of march @ 20:00 CET

    then u have the time sunday to take it easy a bit more, i’ll try and find another match for us on sunday then..

  9. Cake: -gS- said:

    alright then, deal :)

    i’ll accept the date imediately

    cheers for understanding our “complicated” situation :D

  10. Ms. Fishke: .:EnG!:. said:

    Good luck green guys! ;D

  11. Cake: -gS- said:

    pass to the server?

  12. broodje: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:

    gg :)

  13. Johnny_Blaze666: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:


  14. Slowriffs: LZ.war - |LZ.stew| said:


  15. punct: Do be - said:

    Good game.

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