6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ZaP (duo31)



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Lithuania duo31 vs Scotland Continuity
2 - 0

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duo31 (6) Camel, GRANT, [email protected], he3, ZaP, Dulis
Continuity (6) Kabeewm, mrwhizz, EtaC, FUN POLICE RUINS TF2, doompenguin, Datenshi


  1. ZaP: 31 said:

    iD. ZaP: hi
    Inquisitors. beNa: hey
    Inquisitors. beNa: omg
    Inquisitors. beNa: what hour is the game?
    iD. ZaP: in 8mins :)
    Inquisitors. beNa: holy shit
    iD. ZaP: 18:00 cvet
    iD. ZaP: cet*
    Inquisitors. beNa: wanna do it at 19:00 cet?
    iD. ZaP: no srry :( we can’t we are palying with another team in taht hour :(
    iD. ZaP: that*
    Inquisitors. beNa: can we bring merc or 2?
    Inquisitors. beNa: maybe 3 :) ?
    iD. ZaP: my team says that they want only one
    Inquisitors. beNa: :\
    iD. ZaP: is it posible for you to play the game in 20mins max?
    Inquisitors. beNa: no..
    Inquisitors. beNa: its me and 1 more here
    Inquisitors. beNa: i thought its on 19:00 cet..
    Inquisitors. beNa: my bad sry..
    Inquisitors. beNa: if u want tech win take, if u want another day talk with me soon
    iD. ZaP: my teams says they want a default and to play with you another day :)
    Inquisitors. beNa: choose 1 of them lol
    Inquisitors. beNa: lets do it on another day?
    iD. ZaP: ech.. no srry… my team members want a default win.. :(
    Inquisitors. beNa: dont u preffer 16 points/nothing then 4 useless points?
    iD. ZaP: its not about the points.. we lost the first one so they want a come back at least a default win..
    Inquisitors. beNa: oh.. k..
    Inquisitors. beNa: ur choise
    iD. ZaP: really srry guys

  2. Amistade: NNC! said:

    ZaP failled :D wrong team, u a****le :D

  3. ZaP: 31 said:


  4. Edgajado said:

    :D Gl iD

  5. [email protected] said:

    Gg guys.The last seconds of well were incredible.

  6. ZaP: 31 said:

    yeah that was very awensome

  7. Datenshi: ‹Con› - evCon. said:

    yeah the last seconds were really intense

  8. mrwhizz said:

    Good game, disregarding that EtaC had fps problems on badlands :p

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