Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 1

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Origo (I Don`t Know? Pink)



2 - 7

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2 - 0

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European I Don`t Know? Pink vs Germany Marco FTW
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

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Marco FTW (5) saiboat, GeaR, Thy*, atreides, AAL
I Don`t Know? Pink (5) Sidney, Origo, reCon, Guard, Hansa
Unrostered (2) flix, xzr


  1. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:


    sunday, 4th of april, 21:15cet ?

    how about that?

  2. Origo said:

    we take a wildcard and we play the match before the 16th April

  3. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    18:08 – TLR| marco.: well, im on holidays 9th to 16th
    18:08 – Guard.idk?: ok mate
    18:08 – Guard.idk?: so 18th ?
    18:08 – TLR| marco.: perfect
    18:09 – TLR| marco.: 21:15 ?
    18:09 – Guard.idk?: yep
    18:09 – Guard.idk?: :)
    18:09 – TLR| marco.: deal :D

  4. Guard said:

    after a discussion with mvp. we agreed to play this game on 18th april 21.15 cet.

  5. Guard said:

    and thanks for TLR let us use a merc for this game if we need one :)

  6. SPU9 said:

    I will try to broadcast this game – STV!
    gl both

  7. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    Incoming wildcard…

  8. Ronny: marco - said:

    we have to reschedule the match. we are at least two players short on sunday. Marco called me that his flight was canceled due to the vulcan. He will be hopefully back on monday and will arrange a new date.

    dunno how to use the wildcare :>

  9. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by I Don`t Know? Pink.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 30/04/2010.

  10. Origo said:

    I take a wildcard for you :)

    we must play before 25/04/2010 because its the deadline and admins doesn’t want we play after this date so, pm when you can play ;)

    PS: we can’t play wed ( PwR) & sunday ( bE )

  11. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    LOL ronny.
    Thanks for taking the wildcard.

  12. Sidney: idk? - Saddam\'s Army said:

    Basically, our last dates possible are : Monday 19 or Tuesday 20.
    No more choice :/

  13. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    You must reschedule and play this game before 30/04/2010.

    I’m very sorry, but we’re absolutely not able to field a team on monday 19 and tuesday 20.
    We would be grateful if you agree to play this on 26-29 of April.

  14. Origo said:

    if the admins are agreeing, then no problems for me & my team !

  15. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    hello there,

    i was just allowed to use the laptop of a friendly finn to check emails.

    so i make it quick:

    dear admins, im stuck at the airport in helsinki :(
    could you make an exception and let us finish our open matches until mid of next week?

    blame iceland! :P

    (to my team:
    tach jungs,
    bin noch am leben :)
    sobald ich neue infos hab, bekommt sofort ronny oder prophet ne sms/anruf
    ich hab nen rueckflug fuer mittwoch frueh, aktuell sieht die situation noch ganz gut aus.. hoffen wirs beste :)
    bis hoffentlich bald)

  16. Guard said:

    hello there !

    so, i give d2m the link to this game sheet to know if we can play this game after the league deadline. here is the answer :

    00:21 – d2m: if they have one player missing, they should get a merc
    00:21 – Guard.idk?: ok ok
    00:21 – d2m: we’re not going to let one player cause an exception that will have many other teams ask for extensions too
    00:22 – Guard.idk?: yes i understand
    00:22 – Guard.idk?: thank you for your answer
    00:22 – d2m: np

    so we need to play this game tomorrow or tuesday, because we got an official wednesday and thursday we’re not available. next sunday an official too, so it let us only 2 days to play this game.
    Of course we’ll allow you a merc because we know that mvp can’t play (at least, i don’t know for other players).
    Please answer quickly to schedule the game. I’ll try to contact you on steam (ronny or thy) tomorrow.

  17. Thy*: LEGO said:

    today and tommorow its impossible to play because marco ronny and me cant play and i think we will not play with 3 mercs maybe you could try to play the be game today or tommorow so we can play on wendsday??

  18. Thy*: LEGO said:

    or the game against power

  19. Guard said:

    er sorry guys but we can’t really move our games, we had to prepare it, playing pcw etc… and we give you a wildcard to move this game, so we have to play this today or tomorrow :/
    and i think after a quick look on your clanpage that you have to play others pcw against others teams too before the 25th…

    sorry guys but we can’t do more :/

  20. Thy*: LEGO said:

    lol are you blind??? we didint played since the 5th april we cant play today and tommorow maybe you just move your train and dont play today or tommorow and just play thursday

  21. Guard said:

    we can’t play thursday because we got players who got irl stuff to do.
    i don’t know since when you didn’t played and it’s not really my problem. we schedulded officials for the 21th and the 25th because pwr and bE can play only at this dates.

    we really can’t move our games and i think we were pretty cool with you with giving our wildcard and asking admins to let us play this game before the league deadline.

    i really can’t do more :|

  22. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    The question is: how many mercs do you allow? If all three scouts are available, we need three mercs for medic, demo and soldier. But then I ask myself whether it makes sense to play this.

  23. Hansa: .idk? said:

    The fact is we’re doing our best to play this game.
    D2M has been very concrete : no exeption. I guess we allow you guys to use 1 or 2 mercs, ofc.
    But we just scheduled our game already (for an exemple, the game vs bE is week 2 or 3 so i doubt we could postpone it AGAIN LoL).

    Don’t know if it’s make sense, you have to judge it by yourself.

  24. Hansa: .idk? said:

    By the way i haven’t any problem with you but mvp.
    I can remember him screwing my team (pancake) by the past, forcing me to use 2 mercs on an official.
    I also remember he try to fuck the diggy guys by playing with a perfect application of rules then yelling at spawnkill.

    I’m not the leader of the idk?pink so i aint influence the decision. but if it was me, i wouldn’t even have taken a wildcard.

    peace out. I hope you’ll find a good compromise.

  25. Hansa: .idk? said:

    last thing, our bE game is week 6. Nevermind. Apologizes.

  26. Guard said:

    btw the question is : how can we play this game in ” normal ” conditions if your players are not available when we have to play this game ? we asked for a delay but admins don’t want to give a delay, what can i do after that ? :/

    we can let you use 2 mercs for this game.

    1.6.7 Minimum of 5 players needed to play a match

    Your team will need at least 5 players to play a scheduled 6on6 match. You can ask your opponent to allow you a ringer (maximum: 2) to field in your team.

    and you’re right, playing with 3 players from the team and 3 mercs don’t make any sense.. half a mix than a team.. so :/

  27. Thy*: LEGO said:

    guard we can play if we can play with 1 or 2 merc is that ok??

    i will talk to you later in steam

  28. Thy*: LEGO said:


  29. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    1. I don’t care what mvp did
    2. We didn’t ask you to take the wildcard for us, so stop using it as an argument.

    I try to get a team together for TODAY. It’s important for me to know, whether you allow one or two mercs. When I spoke to all members I let you know whether we can play this today at 21.00 or not at all.

  30. Guard said:

    ok if you want to go to this way.
    so we postponed the game because one/two/three/i don’t know how many of your players can’t play the game in the delay.
    we allow you mercs
    we asked admins for delay

    now let’s play today or tomorrow 21 cet around.

    oh and :

    [15:14] also, mvp allowed us to play with xzar as demo merc, it’s still ok ?
    [15:15] yes

    tell me who will be your mercs. Probably Flix as medic according to Thy. Ok for us.

  31. Guard said:

    Ok, so finally this game will be play tonight the 19th at 21.00 cet.

    17:52 – ThyLR: ok we will play tonight
    17:52 – ThyLR: you can put it in
    17:53 – ThyLR: 21 CET
    17:55 – Guard.idk?: ok

    we allow Flix as merc.

  32. Thy*: LEGO said:

    right match will be played tonight at 21 CET

  33. Kop: [CiC] - CiC said:

    Yep TLR confirm this date for this evening but cant on the match page as the leader is not online to do it. GL to both clans

  34. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    1 euro = 5 mins of internet.. seriously helsinki airport!?

    @kop, i confirmed the date/time.

    @hansa, no idea wtf you re talking about.

    @skinnie/wltrs, i take care of our matches when im (hopefully) back wednesday.

    @d2m, thx for extending the cup deadline


    viel glueck jungs, ihr macht das schon.. sind nur franzen und n deutscher zwerg ^^
    informiert mich dann bitte per sms :)

  35. Thy*: LEGO said:

    wir machen das schon keine panik komm du mittwoch erstmal wieder zurück

    ausserdem ist es nur recon der kann nix

  36. bpf: rockit said:

    tja dafür habt ihr flix

  37. Thy*: LEGO said:

    das könnte zum problem werden aber passt schon

  38. Electro: Got Milk? said:

    lol no need to read thrillers, etf2l matchpages are way better

    gogo germany!

  39. Marik said:

    Any stv ?

  40. Dr-Gimpfen: 9g1c said:


  41. FreezeR: CGAY&BB said:

    gogogogo tlr!

  42. Gordon said:


  43. Dr-Gimpfen: 9g1c said:


  44. Dr-Gimpfen: 9g1c said:


  45. Sidney: idk? - Saddam\'s Army said:

    gg, sry for gorge :(

  46. flix: n2o said:


  47. reCon said:

    2-7 gran, 2-0 gorge! gg, wp!

  48. Hansa: .idk? said:

    GG to atreides and saiboat on granary to 2-shoting everything that moved.
    GG to origo that has carried us on gorge.

  49. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    The players who are capable of starting a stv missed today. Sorry.

  50. atreides said:

    GG, wp especially on gorge

  51. Guard said:

    gg guys ! :)

  52. Origo said:

    wp mate

    Atreides & saiboat You are incredible scouts !

  53. xzar: puppeli said:

    gg and very wp
    damn you meatshot machinaes

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