6v6 Ladder 2010

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by SnowiE (9 Men)

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England 9 Men vs Russia Nightly-Ghosts
1 - 0

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  1. SnowiE: -9w- - -9m- said:

    Woops I guess that didn’t quite paste properly. Here is the transcript again.

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    10 February 2010
    16:15 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: hi
    16:16 – -9m- snowie: hello
    16:17 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: let’s play our earlier can not at this time
    16:18 – -9m- snowie: we can’t play earlier
    [NG]AR†EM [LoLka] is now Offline.
    [NG]AR†EM [LoLka] is now Online.
    16:20 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: and another day
    16:20 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: ?
    16:21 – -9m- snowie: 20:30cet is the earliest we can ever play, but we can play the game on another day if you want to play at 20:30cet
    16:23 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: Well, I do not know what to do then
    16:26 – [NG]AR†EM [LoLka]: technical defeat then put no other choice!!
    16:26 – -9m- snowie: ok
    [NG]AR†EM [LoLka] is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.

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