Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 6i

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Tikcus (nervousENERGY BLU)



3 - 6

[Screenshots: A B ]



2 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]

England nervousENERGY BLU vs Germany Team 4 Friends
1 - 4

SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Team 4 Friends (5) JohnnyBambo, Epix, nTraum, car5ten, gwen
nervousENERGY BLU (6) Tikcus, humbug, Enef, Monkeh, Willow, Ferret
Unrostered (1) dZy


  1. Enef: fest - #wubafan said:

    Hey guys, when’s good for you to play this? :)

  2. gwen said:

    Hey guys from nervous energy,
    we’d like to play on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays most.
    are you free to play then? :) greetz

  3. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    We could probably manage any of those days. How about Tuesday18th? 21:00 CET?

  4. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Oh wow I fail, maybe Tuesday the 16th or Thursday 18th. 21-22:00 CET?

  5. gwen said:

    i liked your “tuesday 18h” XD
    for us it would be best to play Tuesday 23th and 21:00 CET?

  6. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Sounds good. We’ve got a NL server we can use.

  7. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Ermm, I can add it to the calendar for some reason… (Haven’t played week 1 yet maybe?)

  8. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Oh god, fail-man strikes again…. *I CAN’T add it to the calendar.

    fail fail fail fail fail fail fail

  9. Tikcus said:

    yeah, you fail, I’ve added match to the calendar, for 23/02/10 @ 21:00 CET

  10. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Calendar on team admin doesn’t let me choose any other match if I pick season 7, the week and division boxes have no options at all. Site fails, not me…….much.

    Maybe ‘cos I’m deputy not leader, try it for me Enef, ta.

  11. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    FYI: Gwen is a girl, so be nice

  12. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    But I hate girlz!!! Sugar and spice? More like Mug her and lice!
    Gib Gwen, Gib.

  13. butterkeks said:

    our server :D??


  14. butterkeks said:

    hi there, are mercs allowed?

  15. gwen said:

    he allowed our merc dizzy.. thnx :)
    “.:ne:.Enef-na na naaaai: yeah fine, looking forward to it C:”

  16. n Traum: \V/ Gold - LAME said:

    gg :)

  17. Enef: fest - #wubafan said:

    gg, merc allowed :)

  18. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    wp, gg’s

  19. diZZy!: FanC - n2o said:

    gg was fun ;)

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