Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 6h

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by myNax (MTF.Gaming)



4 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

Luxembourg MTF.Gaming vs International Vertex3
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Vertex3 (6) CeeGee, halo, SpeJ_, Lewis, blacKmagiK, Yoshi
MTF.Gaming (6) Hisui, pischto, myNax, FlasH, Dut0n, splinter


  1. Yoshi: vertex3 said:

    Hey, we’d like to play next Tuesday (23/02/10) at 21:00 CET if possible please!

    Can add me on steam or catch me (Dogmop) in #vertex on Quakenet to discuss.


  2. myNax said:

    tuesday is usually pretty bad. so is thursday. what about monday/wednesday/sunday ? also, 21.00 is a bit too late. 20.00/20.30 would be perfect ;)

  3. Yoshi: vertex3 said:

    Hey mate, apologies regarding our discussion last night – it turns out we can’t make that Monday after all – is the Sunday any good for you guys, same time.


  4. myNax said:

    No worries mate. Sunday 21th should be no problem, though I’m not quite sure, as we planned to play our week 1 match on that day. However, I didn’t get any kind of reply from the week 1 opponents so I’ll get back to you this evening, after I figured it out with them. Thanks.

  5. Yoshi: vertex3 said:

    Ok cheers, incase you can’t make 21st, we don’t mind 28th either – seems Sunday is the best day. :)

  6. myNax said:

    can’t you play on wednesday? if not, sunday 28th is fine.

  7. Yoshi: vertex3 said:

    Doubtful we’d have 6 on the Wednesday – Sunday 28th is fine for me too. :)

  8. Netsky: [HA] said:

    ohai guys, so I heard you like mudkips?

    you may want to ping test our server:
    connect; password penisssssss

  9. flash_: said:

    :) i <3 the password

  10. myNax said:

    7 S = Season 7

    makes sense :>

  11. flash_: said:

    GG guys, was close on well :D gl in your other matches :)

  12. Yoshi: vertex3 said:

    Good games, both very tight, apologies about the delays at the start.

    Cheers for the match, was great :D

    Good luck with the rest of the season

  13. Netsky: [HA] said:

    nice to watch, seriously :3

    good game, thanks.
    Same, good luck for the following weeks :)

  14. myNax said:

    very intense match! gg and gl with the rest of the season. will upload the result tomorrow if that’s okay.

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