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Division 5d

Week 7

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by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Sweden Reefer decree vs International Team epx^
0 - 6


  1. xeno: epx^ said:

    tues 30?

  2. xeno: epx^ said:

    scratch that, 2nd april?

  3. Fayton: :id: said:

    We don’t wanna play at the weekend, do u have any other suggestions?

  4. xeno: epx^ said:

    4th of april is really the best day for us at the moment.. if not then the week after easter, 12th

  5. xeno: epx^ said:

    5-8th of april are ok

    bear in mind we have to org our game with impact gaming too

  6. Fayton: :id: said:

    I think we have to manage to play either 12th or 5-6th, we will see.

  7. xeno: epx^ said:

    any info?

  8. xeno: epx^ said:

    I’m afraid we can’t play on the 6th.

  9. xeno: epx^ said:


  10. Iller: tGa said:

    Sry, it seems we have a problem with a lot of players suddenly inactive atm.
    Maybe they are on eastern holyday or so. I will try to discuss a proper time to play as soon as I can get in contact with them.

  11. xeno: epx^ said:

    meh ok

  12. sMisk: :id: said:

    Haven’t played much this holiday cause people got other stuff than tf2. We would like to prepare for gorge to so i cannot give any proposals atm we need to set a date on our game against 9men.

  13. xeno: epx^ said:

    Sure. Our activity is iffy at the moment.. many members without access to the internet.

    The dates we’re looking at are 11-13th or 19th+

  14. sMisk: :id: said:

    I like 19th+ because we need time to prepare for gorge and stuff! We already got games att 11th and 12th.

  15. xeno: epx^ said:

    S’fine with us.

  16. xeno: epx^ said:


  17. sMisk: :id: said:

    might work for me will check with the rest and return with an answer.

  18. xeno: epx^ said:

    so er, ?..

  19. sMisk: :id: said:

    no sry our scouts are away until the 24-25th

  20. xeno: epx^ said:

    we’ll have to play the 25th then. 20:30 CEST please.

  21. xeno: epx^ said:

    possible or not?

  22. sMisk: :id: said:

    made an proposal on 21:30 cet send 20:30 if ment that

  23. xeno: epx^ said:

    19:21 – VATIC sMisk: looks like you will get default
    19:21 – VATIC sMisk: just so you know
    19:22 – epx^[email protected]: oh
    19:22 – epx^[email protected]: i see
    19:22 – epx^[email protected]: why?
    19:22 – VATIC sMisk: we can’t field enough members
    19:23 – VATIC sMisk: irl stuff :/
    19:23 – VATIC sMisk: and steam stuff
    19:23 – epx^[email protected]: well that sucks
    19:23 – VATIC sMisk: sry would have been fun to play one last match
    epx^[email protected]! has changed their name to epx^[email protected]
    19:24 – epx^[email protected]: well
    19:24 – epx^[email protected]: give me a shout if you can’t field the people in 5 mins
    19:24 – epx^[email protected]: and we’ll have to call it
    19:24 – VATIC sMisk: sure
    19:30 – VATIC sMisk: ok no change you got it :/
    19:31 – epx^[email protected]: :(
    19:31 – epx^[email protected]: ok

  24. sMisk: :id: said:

    default for epx cause we couldn’t field enough members :/

  25. bagaren said:


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