Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 4e

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
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by carbon (Piggy Bankers)



0 - 5

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0 - 2

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Portugal Fragmasters vs Finland Piggy Bankers
0 - 6

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Fragmasters (6) Morty, DoomsDay, murder, Moons, warhead, Parasite Eve
Piggy Bankers (6) Kimpe, yoxo, Hauturi, carbon, zigi, Karhunen


  1. carbon said:

    Wed 31.3. at 20cet?

  2. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    on weekdays we can play only at 21:30cet

  3. carbon said:

    Ok, how about Sun 21st at 20cet?

  4. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    21th? april? lol or did u mean the 27 ?

  5. carbon said:

    Yeah my mistake. I meant 28.3. Also hit you with a message on steam.

  6. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    yeah i mean the 28 as well. didnt get nothing on steam btw, we can play the 28th @ 20cet. book it and i all confirm it later ok?

    here´s the connect check the pings

    connect ; password d9pcw

  7. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    hi, sorry for this but something as come up and we wont be able to play on sunday. can we pospone the game ?

  8. carbon said:

    Well… we can’t play after 21cet and the next possible sunday for us is 11.4. We already got one match that day at 20cet so only time would be 18:30cet.

  9. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    then will have to play on a weekday.. can u guys start @21cet?

  10. carbon said:

    21cet is a bit late as some of us have to wake up at 4:30cet. If it’s impossible for you to play any sooner then I gues we can bend a bit. How about we schedule this match to wed 7.4.?

  11. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    hm i guess we can play on that date. what time?

  12. carbon said:

    As close to 20cet as you can. You can add it to the calendar and I’ll confirm it.

  13. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Dimension 9.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 21/04/2010.

  14. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    sorry guys, had to pospone the game. Can u play on the 18th?

  15. carbon said:

    We already have 1 official on that date… unless you can play 18:30cet.

  16. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    how about the 25 th ?

  17. carbon said:

    Could you accept me on steam so we can sort this out.

  18. Parasite Eve: RG said:

    connect ; password d9pcw

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