6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by phantom (Team KORE)



3 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 1

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Ukraine Team KORE vs Germany ze Dummkopfs
0 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Team KORE (5) phantom, Denver, sl1ppe, Bloom, Orange
ze Dummkopfs (6) InFlam0r, juckrebel, shox, pr0millo_0, kurt, Fox
Unrostered (1) Estate


  1. kurt: trick17 - trick17 said:

    when do you want to play? What about monday 11th of January at 20:00 CET?

  2. phantom: KORE said:

    Hi. Date and time are ok for us.

  3. kurt: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Hi i dont know if we can make it at 2000. Would be great if we could schedule the game tonight if its not going to be too late.

  4. kurt: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Hmm we obviously didnt play the match. Our suggestion for a new date would be thursday 14th of January @ 2000 CET?

  5. Ladder Challenge said:

    Match Reminder
    This challenge was accepted more than 7 days ago. You must play this game before 20/01/2010 or both teams will automatically incur a 5 point penalty. Penalty points will be removed upon completion of this match. Please schedule and play this game as soon as possible

  6. kurt: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Great match, friendly guys. We had better pings on their server as on our own :D We agreed to their merc.

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