6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by wOx (Changed)



1 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Ireland Changed vs Germany Time 4 Fisting
0 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Changed (6) mVk, franky, Pan-z, tekk, Damasko, wOx
Time 4 Fisting (5) auki, crz, Tankkiller, GodMode, rIdEn
Unrostered (1) Epix


  1. wOx said:

    Mercs not allowed.

  2. rIdEn: T4F said:

    Ridiculous. Its ladder – nothing special. You ask us 22:30, whether we can play. Auki asked the whole team + 2nd(!!) Sqaud. So we find 6 players – FOR YOU. You didnt want to play with new unlocks – we accepet – FOR YOU! You didnt believe us and requested the demo from the demoman – for a fucking ladder! o.O We uploaded it – FOR YOU! And now you claim a default……very poor. GL for next season!

  3. auki: T4F said:

    Ye true… it’s quite obvious that we won the match only due to Epix playing for us :) look the stats! o.O

  4. auki: T4F said:

    You played with a Div 3 merc and they granted it – afterwords. http://etf2l.org/matches/15423/
    And our merc – NO div isnt ok…..its getting more ridiculous o.O

  5. crz: T4F said:

    gg wp

  6. GodMode said:

    gg, dont cry u maggots! ^^

  7. Tankkiller said:

    In the aftermath of the match you say that you dont allow mercs?!
    What kind of attitude is that? It seems this whole leader is kind of a serious business for you, but claiming a default win against us after losing although we had a scout from our second (!) squad.

    Not only were you crying from the beginning of the match that you dont want any unlocks (out of what reason ever…) and we were cooperating, later on you requested a demo from our demoman because he “apparently” used the scottish resistance. After you’ve seen that our demo didnt use the unlock (from the demo) you are now looking for another reason to claim default win against us.

    Thats is just lame. You guys are piss poor, from the skill point of view as of the social point of view. I hope many other Team on ETF2L see what asshole-attitue you guys have and never play with you again.

    p.s. I kinda enjoyed the match, everybody was like “gg”, I dont know what happened really

  8. auki: T4F said:

    They didn’t want to play with the unlocks, because their soldiers didn’t have them. Anyway we accepted, although its not our problem. And that’s their gratitude. o.O

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