King of the Hill 4on4 Cup powered by n1ping


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by brt (TFPortal summiteer)



4 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 4

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1 - 4

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Germany TFPortal summiteer vs Germany Game Control
1 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A


TFPortal summiteer (4) brt, BluEskY, vanHunt, dietschey
Game Control (3) Qun, beN, Thy*
Unrostered (1) basH.


  1. [email protected]$H: hf said:

    Berti ist im Finale !

  2. flix: n2o said:

    deutsch deutsches finale ole!

  3. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Danke für die Blumen [email protected]$H, kannst mich ruhig brt nennen! ^^
    Zum Termin selbst, lasst mal Mitte Januar ungefähr anpeilen, näheres dann im neuen Jahr per STEAM.

    For no german reader:
    We play our match in the middle of January 2010, if both teams can play!
    But I think it’s possible to play at this date!

  4. FluffY ZeuZ said:

    Rooting for TFPortal summiteer, since Game control added 5 new players 18 days ago, just before the finals. Fail.

    TFPortal summiteer kept their lineup from the start. c’mon TFPortal summiteer fair play team. :)

  5. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Thx Fluffy ZeuZ, but the problem is what it’s allowed to recruit new players,
    but I think and I hope that the final would be a great match!

  6. electrizzity said:

    Jungs schön n ei raushängen lassen und nebenbei ein paar hülsen kicken. ;)

    viel erfolg

  7. [email protected]$H: hf said:

    wtf ?

  8. beNschI said:

    players join players leave … whats the big deal?

    this match will be fun because its not just one map!
    and till then Happy new year everyone

    Gudden Rutsch TFP ;P

  9. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Sag ja auch nix gegen Jungs, meine nur, es gibt keine Regeln, die das untersagen, also ist alles schick und das ist immernoch kein Grund vor euch Angst zu haben! ^^

    Also rutscht gut und wir sehen uns auf dem Platz!

  10. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    ick freu mich off das match! :D

  11. ViQun: GoT<3 said:

    Germans -.-

  12. miz.sebb: IsF said:

    Ausländer -.-

  13. [email protected]$H: hf said:


  14. quickman: fa» - [SpA] said:

    any progress in finding a date?

  15. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Sorry, we can’t find a date, because I need all my mates.
    But I hope, that all are back tomorrow.

  16. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Hey! Our possible dates for the next week are:

    14.01.2010 Thursday => from 19:00
    15.01.2010 Friday => from 19:00
    16.01.2010 Saturday => from 19:00
    19.01.2010 Tuesday => from 19:00

  17. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    And? When can we play our match?


  18. beNschI said:

    19-20cet isn’t rly good for us i’ll contact the other ppl tomorrow to see when we can play.

  19. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    If you want, we can start the matches at 20:00 cet.

  20. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    But the dates are the same!

  21. Kop: [CiC] - CiC said:

    Guys this match needs to be arranged soon or we gonna have to set a default date.

  22. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Hey Kop,

    I can’t made more as to offer matchdates/-times!
    The problem is that we can only play till 19.01.2010, cause two of us go to holiday at the 20.01.2010 and came back at the 03.02.2010!


  23. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Sorry, the 15.01 (friday) we can’t play!

  24. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:


  25. beNschI said:

    talk to bash via steam pls when he’s online

  26. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    nice answer, i talked with you, [email protected] and thy but you can’t say me a date,
    but ok, i talk again with [email protected]

  27. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    I talked with [email protected] and we play at 19.01.2010 at 20:15 CET!
    At our server and we rend blanktv!

  28. beNschI said:

    Sounds good ;)
    map picks on server or what`?

  29. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    no, i hope that anybody (BluEskY or dietschey) are online later and when I would like to talk again with [email protected] and/or you

  30. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:


    (online at 20:00 CET)

  31. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Maps are:
    1. Map: koth_sawmill
    2. Map: koth_lighthouse
    Decider: koth_waste

  32. [email protected]$H: hf said:

    # 1st – (public) server with 18 slots (duration: 3 months)
    # 2nd – mumble server with 20 slots (duration: 3 months)


  33. Thy*: LEGO said:

    maybe a live craft in the final ;)

  34. ViQun: GoT<3 said:

    idling German :s

  35. Skaz: KP said:

    can you please tell me whats the roster for the game :)?
    ^ asking game control.

    GL HF!

  36. Thy*: LEGO said:

    The roster will be ViQun [email protected] ben and me

  37. quickman: fa» - [SpA] said:

    sportsman of the game: ViQun
    nap of the game: [email protected]$H

  38. beNschI said:


    kA was auf sawmil mit respawns war aber GG

  39. beNschI said:

    welcome 20slot achievement_idle server ;P

  40. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    gg, ihr wart wirklich krass auf der zweiten und ritten Map, bzw. wir unkoordiniert!
    Keine Ahnung was ihr wollt mit der respawntime, war etf2l-cfg drin.

    But please upload your pov-demos, vanHunt would like watch your demos!

  41. beNschI said:

    stv + blank… wird das nun die “tzz wir haben verkackt wir fordern 16 demos arie”?

  42. vanHunt: - said:

    Viqon lighthouse and waste
    thy lighthouse and waste only.

  43. vanHunt: - said:

    sry forgot, sawill too for viqon

  44. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    benschi, reg dich nicht auf, uploaden und danke!
    Ist unser recht und wenn vanHunt sie gern sehen will, dann ist das so, man braucht doch kein Grund!

    Und wie VanHunt grad schrieb:
    Viqon lighthouse and waste
    thy lighthouse and waste only

    Dann sind ja nur noch 4!

  45. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    ok, 5! ^^

  46. [email protected]$H: hf said:

    @ che : is klar azamad bagatov :)

  47. Thy*: LEGO said:

  48. vanHunt: - said:

    thanks thy

  49. gniedler: T4F - FuDoo :> said:

    berti war gut

  50. ViQun: GoT<3 said:

    I’m uploading tomorrow, I tried the ETF2L thing, but no go :( I’m in bed already and my PC is off, so sorry about that.

  51. honeymustard: Phase said:

    yes viqun

  52. ViQun: GoT<3 said:

    Yeah, I’m a real cheater :D

  53. ViQun: GoT<3 said:

    It’s a 7zip, else I passed the 30MB mark.

  54. dietschey said:

    nice to see the spawntimes from both teams ! :)

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