Season 6 powered by SteelSeries Xai

Division 6b

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Grone (Void Of Tranquillity)



1 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

CzechRepublic imPerial vs Turkey Void Of Tranquillity
0 - 6

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Void Of Tranquillity (6) mmed, H1SOKA, Excel, Zodijackyl, Coni_white, Grone
imPerial (6) pernik, Kr4k3n, zelda_28, Pigi, syky01, PHrag


  1. H1SOKA: gambler / - G_G said:

    We propose to play on Sunday – 18/10/2009 at 18:00 CET.

  2. H1SOKA: gambler / - G_G said:

    We agreed to play 18/10/2009 at 18:00 CET.

  3. PHrag: [imP] said:

    GG, . . .

  4. Pigi: [imP] - LAMA said:

    cca 30 mins of useless discussion, then admin comes (imP is ready to play, vot status is Not Ready) ->
    [imP]Pigi : we already played one map on vot server why we cant play one map on ours? ->
    |VIA| Crasp* : ffs youre all saying the same thing ->
    |VIA| Crasp* : but yes, you are right ->
    another 10 mins of waiting and nothing happens – >
    [imP]Pigi : now we lost like 40 mins
    [imP]Pigi : again we havent time to play with this delay…some of us most go->
    another 5 mins ->
    [imP]Pigi : you are responsible for this delay…guys im sick and i got no more patience
    [imP]Pigi : do u know what?… take your win…
    [imP]Pigi : thy for your time Crasp…

    |VIA| Crasp* : its really up to the two of you, if the match started at 6 why have you only played 1 map by 7.15
    |VIA| Crasp* : this server is worse for them than theirs was for you
    [imP]Pigi : omg..are you serious?
    [imP]Syky01 : we agree with laggy server for first map, vot didnt agree with same think on second map
    [imP]PHrag : because we said let’s play here and they said they’re talking to you… they “were talking to you” for 45 minutes
    [imP]Pigi : enjoy your win…gl to next matches…


  5. Grone: vot said:

    First map have played a neutral server at Germany not at our country Turkey. Next map should play at Germany but Imperial left, expect to play on server which located at their country (Czech Republic) and didn’t provide us playable ping. All player (not one) have high ping/loss. Read the rule please.

    Rule 1.2.5 Server needs to provide your opponent a playable ping

    All servers used must provide your opponent with a playable ping and not disadvantage them to much with packet loss. Any team who feels a server is unplayable should ask for an admins opinion straight away. If in the event that the server is unplayable then a new server should be found. If you do not raise an issue with a server during the match the league cannot intervene at a later date!

  6. Pigi: [imP] - LAMA said:

    ping difference between your Germany server and our server was cca 20, you guys got 130 on your own server. and your server got serious probs like 2sec lag after most players connected on -> restart. After restart some issues still continue. Our demoman got 0,5 sec lags, medic cant see projectiles they shooting him. FPS difference cca 80 sometimes for all of us.
    We played match with TDA(turkey aswell) week ago and we havent probs with their Germany server, but this server doesn work properly, so we ask for change it for second map because of our issues. Anyway all server must be located in Europe, so match on your Turkey server is out of discuss.
    What i cant understand is why one team can accept play on server with some problems, but second team cant play on another server with similar probs. Do u get money for wins or what?

    Anyway, in my point of view is better lose some virtual points then lose enjoyment of the game. And discussions about this isnt enjoyable. So admins can verify the results, cause we
    we are not interested to continue with this. Thx gg and bb

  7. Grone: vot said:

    Imperial played two maps with TDS without problems, right? We are using same game server provider with TDS. Check it.

    Game server:
    RIPE Query:

    Game server:
    RIPE Query:

    Imperial couldn’t provide us playable a ping (Rule 1.2.5) but we did (avg. 60 ping). This was their responsibility but they chose to force us play high ping/packet loss (avg. 120 ping/5 loss) without _enjoyment_.

    We are ready to play second map on another neutral server.

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