Soldier 1on1 Cup #3 (cp_turris)

Round 3

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by Maxus (Max)



0 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]

Germany bash vs Poland Max
0 - 1

SteamID Screenshots: A B C D


Max (1) Maxus
bash (1) basH.


  1. Maxus said:

    hi when we can play? I added you on steam already

  2. [email protected]: hf said:

    hmmm no status…did you played againts me ? we have to play again :D

  3. Maxus said:

    “we have to play again :D” lol that means we had played, please stop being silly, I was already a bit angry when 5 ppl came to server and you switched the maps when I was winning 1-0 :/

  4. Maxus said:

    ok then add me on steam (I think u deleted me) and we will repeat the match, I will record demo, make screens and all that stuff, thanks a lot, [email protected]

  5. [email protected]: hf said:


  6. Masther: Actimel said:

    dobrze trolowa dziweczko – postawilem na ciebie zloty czterdziesci ze dojdzie do piatej rundy – nie zawiedz mnie

  7. Mariano said:

    Master ja pierdole moje kolana połamałeś mnie :(

  8. Masther: Actimel said:

    marian niewtajemniczeni nie wiedza, wiec po co probujesz wejsc miedzy wodke a zakaske ? ;]

  9. [email protected]: hf said:

    talk englisch dudes….

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