Season 5

Division 5d

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Squide (Unaimed II)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

Germany vier // red vs Sweden Unaimed II
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Unaimed II (6) Squide, SoniX^, kyb597, haim, ToRn, Ninja economist
vier // red (6) synX, Zabu, Ripple, lÖÖFv, X_o_X, rooty


  1. Squide: keso said:

    Can you play this date? :) wanna make sure its game time then :D

  2. Ripple said:

    Should work…

  3. Ripple said:

    connect; password reiv

    be there in time please.

    SourceTV will be

    connect NO Password, pls connect via console, if someone joins the server during the match, i get really angry ;)

  4. Ripple said:

    Allowed unverified player:

    17:17 – vier ° RpL:
    we got a new member, we’re not sure if you’d allow letting him play since i forgot adding him to our team. If you deny, no problem since it was my fault
    17:18 – vier ° RpL: just tell me if he’s allowed or not, it’s your choice now, if not, nvm :)
    17:18 – U² ToRn: wanna ask the other members first ;P.
    17:19 – vier ° RpL: ye no worries, if they don’t want him to play, it was my fault
    17:19 – U² ToRn: yeah saw that lÖÖfv joined :) he was in our team for a short time b4
    17:19 – vier ° RpL: yeah i saw, believed this could be the biggest problem
    17:19 – U² ToRn: is he playing scout?
    17:20 – vier ° RpL: no we recruited him as soldier
    17:20 – U² ToRn: ok
    17:20 – U² ToRn: well it’s ok for me, if someone else has something against it im going with him probably.. should be ok tho

  5. Ripple said:

    gg guys, was FaN

  6. Squide: keso said:


  7. _ToRnAiDo_: KÅT - SpA|com said:

    gg wp. Yeah that FaN did some damage ;P

  8. Ripple said:

    always wanted to try it :) know it is annoying, few days i raged about someone using it ;) gl in rest of the season!

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