Season 5

Division 4c

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Krakyn (Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.)



3 - 9

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia Guristas vs International Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.
1 - 4

SteamID Screenshots: A


Rest in peace, gentle Jedis. (6) Zap, Krakyn, Kurj, Abunai, Sammage, djc
Guristas (5) Advance, Ocelot, sky, tt, premium
Unrostered (1) Kirus


  1. Endimion: kinetic - DF said:

    We can play only on Saturday 04.07.09 at 18.00. Later, we can not

  2. Abunai said:

    Saturdays are bad for us, so is 1800cet :3

    Dates we could play are;

    Thursday the 2nd at 2100
    Thursday the 9th at 2100
    Sunday the 12th at 2100

    Do any of these work for you? :)

  3. Endimion: kinetic - DF said:

    we can not play in 21.00 СET, as we will be 23.00(Moscow). And the next day, we need to work. The last time a game for us, it is 19.30 CET

  4. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    22:53 are we going to find a time where we can all be there without screwing RL and get a warmup game too
    22:53 ITS LIKE
    22:55 -!- skanzZ is now known as skanzz^away
    22:55 brb posting that on the match page
    22:55 ok
    22:55 if you dont do it
    22:55 i’m fucking clan kicking you

  5. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    (can’t edit comments, I’m the one saying I’ll post it on the match page, and Abunai is the one freaking out like he’s on acid)

    we mean no offense!

  6. Abunai said:

    Hey guys :)
    Due to this time difference – we can’t play at 19:30 cet, the earliest would be 20:30 cet – which doesn’t work for you guys.

    Would you be able to play a weekend day (friday/saturday) at a later time, such as 21:00 cet, or does work stop this from being possible?

  7. GrandMaster said:

    We use WildCard

  8. Krakyn: rEJ said:

    Guys a wildcard is meant to be used to rearrange a game if you discover you can’t play at the scheduled time and the other team won’t change. We haven’t even picked a time yet, there is no need or cause to use a wildcard.

    We’re trying to work out a time when we can play you but with holidays and the limit on when you can play because of time zones it’s proving hard, we still have some time to schedule this so lets try, if we can’t then we can use a wildcard if the default date given to us doesn’t work.

  9. GrandMaster said:

    Dear mate, we have a problem with the composition, so we have left soldiers

  10. GrandMaster said:

    We will be able to play next week at 21:00

  11. Abunai said:

    I have added it to the calendar to avoid a default date 8)

  12. Abunai said:

    connect; password rej

    based in netherlands, we ping terrible anywhere east of there really. I can’t really contact you guys other than on here, people from DF I have added on steam friends haven’t been online in a day or so :(

  13. Abunai said:

    gg lads

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