Instagib CTF Cup

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Morty (TKA.IG)



3 - 4

[Screenshots: A B ]



4 - 14

[Screenshots: A B ]

International The Church of Tetris vs International TKA.IG
0 - 2


SteamID Screenshots: A B


The Church of Tetris (4) Edd, kolox, Joshua, MaDMaNMiKe
TKA.IG (4) Donk3y, born2kill, Morty, Kinyu


  • TKA.IG [Minor] Failing to hand over POV demo's of any of their players. In my opinion more than a minor warning because none of their 4 can give a POV demo. POV demo's were asked due to dodgy behaviour.


  1. Morty: RG said:

    Preferable days to play?

  2. n0va: T2P said:

    god sorry not been alert ok can play i think tuesday at 8:00 cet

  3. Joshua said:

    I don’t know if n0va told you the wrong server or if he just put the wrong source TV, but the match will be played on ; password fun

  4. Morty: RG said:

    Ok Joshua :> .

    [T-K-A] Morty @ Decode: one merc to each team allowed
    [T-K-A] Morty @ Decode: then?
    obs. n0va: ok

    Merc allowed for both teams. GL and HF .

  5. n0va: T2P said:

    we want pov demos from both maps from all players

  6. Morty: RG said:

    GG, WP .

  7. FarcrY: popkõrns said:

    GG, had real fun!

  8. Morty: RG said:

    Dodgy behaviour? WTF. Yes im sorry, I forgot to record the POV demo. Anyway, we can repeat this match whenever you want, there’s no problem about it , I just forget to record it. tho, i think nutz and farcry have them, ill try to talk with them and see what can I get .

  9. Morty: RG said:

    update: Nutz already sended the demos to joshua acording to this:
    [T-K-A] Morty <3 Raging: nutz !
    [T-K-A] Morty <3 Raging: important stuff ! ! ! !
    [T-K-A] Morty <3 Raging: update ur POV DEMOS for IG CUP
    [T-K-A] Morty <3 Raging: ASAP
    nutziiiiie: i have done it and i sent it to josh

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