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9 - 0

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5 - 4

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Finland Delirium vs Netherlands FakkelBrigade
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Delirium (5) vallone, Monkiainen, ziit, seppo, perry
FakkelBrigade (6) emptynoflow, drleånn, Tedman, klugas, Exfane, Jonni
Unrostered (1) M0re


  1. kEvNx: .#mtf said:

    gogo fb !

    We’re gonna win
    Don’t wanna be a loser – gonna win
    Cuz’ winning really is the only thing
    Get out of the way we’re comin in
    If ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
    Does anybody wanna take a swing?
    It’s gotta be all or nothing
    Oohh! We’re gonna be the champions! Yeah!
    Were goin all the way – we’re gonna win, win

    We’re gonna win
    Forget about a draw – we’re gonna score
    And then we’re gonna get a few more
    Maybe another one just to be sure
    We’ll make ya look just like an amateur
    Until the final whistle it’s a war
    And then we’re gonna pick ya off the floor
    We wanna hear the crowd really roar
    Ya – we’re comin’ in we’re gonna win win

    We’re gonna win – we wanna win
    Cuz number one is everything
    We’re gonna win – we wanna win
    We’re gonna be the champions
    We’re gonna win

  2. jonni the juicy jew: [FB] said:

    crazy german.
    anyway. visit me in #fakkelbrigade tomorrow afternoon and we discuss servers and such.
    looking forward to playing :)

  3. seppo: Gentleman - -[S2L] said:


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