Season 4

Division 1

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Xman (Team CoolerMaster)



3 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

International Team CoolerMaster vs European TCM-Gaming [old]
4 - 1

SteamID Screenshots: A



  1. xman said:

    21.15 cet

  2. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    This match is far behind the normal Deadline… which team is taking a wildcard?

  3. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Please give status why this match is scheduled far behind the normal schedule.

    According to our Rules one team will have to use a Wildcard (every team got 2 Wildcards for every Season).

    Please give information about it till Sunday, 23:59 CET.

  4. xman said:

    It was scheduled this way as it was the first available time for both teams with 5 league commitments each

  5. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Ok we will do an exception this time. Anyway, please try to keep the normal schedule for the rest of your league matches.

  6. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    I doubt they’ll play this today, UKeSA forces games for tonight for both of these teams.

  7. stroH: PF said:

    stv guys?

  8. Nefique: eehq said:


  9. F2 :]: Vintage said:


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