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Welcome to the landing page for ETF2L’s 14th season of competitive 6v6! The regular ETF2L Season is our main competition, and has been the biggest and most prestigious Team Fortress 2 competition in Europe since 2008.

Season 14 is sponsored by Twitch.


In case you haven’t gotten hyped up enough yet, we’ve prepared a treat for all of you to get your gears up to speed.

Done by our own Lithuania huhy, this piece has gotten us on our feet.
It’s about time to ask yourself: are you ready for Season 14?


The signups are now closed.

Newcomer guide

If you are new to 6v6 or competitive TF2, or haven’t played in ETF2L before, take a look at the [Newcomer guide] first. It should get you started in no time!


Every team is placed into a Division that matches their skill level, with up to 8 teams per Division. The lowest ranked division is Division 6, and the highest is Premiership. Teams from one Division will meet each other once. There will be 7 regular season matches, with playoffs for Premiership and potential tiebreakers for other divisions.

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Premiership Division

Again, the best teams in Europe are competiting for glory, pixel trophies and real money. Season 14 powered by Twitch’s Premiership teams are (in no particular order):

European Crack Clan

Swegian broder

European Quarantine

France PyRo|GEN

European BFF

International Team Doctrinal

European Epsilon eSports

European Pokeman


Players in all divisions will receive in-game medals for winning the group, as well as participation medals for finishing the season.

Additionally, the best three Premiership Division teams will receive a share of €990. $650 is provided by Season 14’s main sponsor Twitch.

  • 1st Place – €495
  • 2nd Place – €297
  • 3rd Place – €198

Season Schedule

The regular season has 7 match weeks, followed up by a catch-up week and three weeks of title playoffs in Premiership or two weeks of potential tiebreakers for other divisions. Here’s the full schedule:

  • Signups: January 2 – 9
  • Seeding: January 9 – 11
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: January 12
  • Schedule Week: January 13 – 19
  • Main Season: January 20 – March 2 (7 weeks)
  • Catch-up Week: March 10 – 16
  • Playoffs: March 17 – April 6


Season 14 features the following maps: cp_badlands, cp_gullywash_final1, cp_granary, cp_snakewater, cp_process_rc2

Unlockable weapons

Based on the feedback from the 6th Cup, we have decided to break the status quo and introduce the Cup’s unlocks into our regular 6v6 League. We believe that these carefully chosen unlocks will add more variety and tactical depth to 6v6 across all skill levels.

The complete list of unlocks allowed in Season 14 is as follows:

  • The Kritzkrieg
  • The Übersaw
  • Crusader’s Crossbow
  • The Blutsauger
  • The Overdose
  • The Gunboats
  • The Boston Basher
  • The Pain Train
  • The Escape Plan

Cosmetic skins of allowed weapons are also allowed. Items that enable Pyrovision are banned.

League rules and configs

Complete list of Season 14 and General League Rules, as well as server configs and whitelist can be found in the [Rules Section]

Hall of Fame

Full History of all ETF2L Community Awards