Highlander Season 10: Home

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Season 10 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Welcome to the landing page for ETF2L’s 10th season of competitive highlander! This season is powered by Tt eSPORTS. The regular ETF2L Season is our main competition, this time around its the milestone 10th season! Make sure to signup if you haven’t yet! The signups are open until March 18, 21:00 CET but if you wish to start in the season a week late you can contact an admin and we can see if we can work something out.

Season 10 Fundraiser

We are pleased to announce ETF2L’s community crowdfunding system for Season 10. The purpose of this fundraiser is to allow members of the ETF2L community to contribute directly to the Season 10 prize pool and help make Season 10 the biggest yet!

The fundraiser will run throughout the season, with prizes finalised Sunday April 24th. 

100% of all donations raised will go towards the Season 10 prize pool, ETF2L will not keep any of the money.

Season Schedule

  • Signups: March 7 – March 18, 21:00 CET
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: March 18
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: March 19
  • Pre-Season Playoffs: March 15 – March 17
  • Main Season: March 20 – May 5 (7 Weeks)
  • High/Mid/Open Playoffs: May 8 – June 5
  • Premiership Playoffs: May 9 – May 29

Premiership Playoffs

We’ve implemented a new system for Premiership Playoffs, this time we will include 4 teams in the playoffs and we will also extend the playoffs. Until then the full schedule for the playoffs will remain as follows:

May 9th – May 14th: 4th vs 3rd

May 15th – May 22nd: Winner of previous match vs 2nd

May 22nd – May 29th: Winner of previous match vs 1st

These days will get decided like the normal main season matches.


Season 10’s whitelist features some minor changes from the previous season:

  • The Pomson 6000 is now banned. This is due to a bug regarding invisible particles.
  • The Phlogistinator is now unbanned.
  • With the feedback received from the Season 10 Map Test Cup, we are keeping the Razorback allowed for this season.

You can find the relevant whitelist on whitelist.tf here


This Season will consist of the following maps:

The map rotation will be:

  • Week 1: pl_upward
  • Week 2: koth_lakeside_final and cp_process_final
  • Week 3: pl_borneo
  • Week 4: cp_steel
  • Week 5: pl_badwater
  • Week 6pl_barnblitz_pro6
  • Week 7: koth_product_rc8 and cp_gullywash_final1