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hello, ill be (hopefully) playing in low 6s next season and i would like some help with getting better with my positioning and decision making.
ive already played one season of low 6s and my team reached playoffs, would like to have a similar result in the next season as well
very keen to watch demos and practise



still looking



I’d recommend you to download some demos from higher tier players and to see how they play. Or watch some streams.
Thought, I do not recommend to jump straight to watching prem demos. The gameplay is completely different and scouts might rely much more on their team than in low.

Positioning as a scout eventually comes with experience.

Some basic tips:
• Do not go near demo or soldier, try to kill them mid-range when possible.
• Try to keep the highground in most situations.
• Shoot the same target as your team shoots. You need to learn to hear calls and react to them quick enough. Also even the team did not do any damage, you need to see who they’re shooting at.
• Do not jump while you’re fighting a scout.
• Always ask yourself: “do I have a buff?”, if not then go to the medic and get buff.
• Deny jumping soldiers. Jumping targets are the easiest to shoot, focus them while they’re mid air and deny jumpers from killing your medic.
• If you have an overheal, do not be afraid to be a little bit more aggressive by trying to punish overextending players.

That should be more than enough to win low.

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Neutronas’ is a very experienced player and I’m sure he knows the fundamentals of scout very well.
However while his tips are not wrong I think you may have heard most of these basic tips in one form or another before and I’m not sure they are the best advice to give. The hard part is applying them in the correct way and this requires a read of the gamestate, something which is only really possible with experience.

This isn’t one of neutronas’ tips but I’ve heard this one before and thought about it a lot –
“use double jump against soldiers”
Tips like this can be misleading because a beginner player can get completely the wrong idea.

The double jump is so powerful because it gives you a window in which a soldier can’t splash you and must go for a direct, but it’s only effective if the soldier has sufficient pressure applied to him that he must go for the direct.

If you didn’t understand this you would be doing them all the time and wondering why the soldier just waits for you to land and then hits the rocket on you every time.

Similarly fighting soldiers and demos at mid range is good in a lot of situations but being able to dictate distance as a scout is so important and it’s a large part of the reason the scout is so damn good.
You must threaten that you could rush a demo or soldier down or you’re going to get bullied, and you are going to miss out on pressing moments of advantage.

Again the hard part is getting the experience to read the distance, reading where your opponent is thinking of shooting, reading whether he wants to fight you or leave, reading what your opponent expects of you.

If you are fighting a demo and you see him take one step forwards while he is aiming his sticky behind you and he is in a certain radius that’s when you rush his ass.
How big is that radius? How do I make him shoot behind me? How do I read that he is about to shoot behind me? These are the difficult questions that you can only answer with experience.

If you can’t find a mentor it’s a good idea to take initiative yourself and start watching the STVs from your own matches. This will allow you to review your decisions with hindsight and also view the game from the perspective of both your enemy and your teammates which will give you the bigger picture a lot faster.

For what it’s worth my basic strategy on pocket scout is that I ask myself if there is any danger or potential danger to my medic and if so this is my first priority. Whether that is positioning myself to deny enemy players or linking up with the medic to run away.
If there is no danger then I look to get forward and help apply pressure to the enemy. The hard part of pocket scout in my view from a decision making standpoint is finding the balance between helping pressure with your teammates and not baiting your medic as you do so.

While you play or watch your STVs this could be a question that you ask yourself.

nation YB`g



still need help :(

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