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Welp,I guess I’ll put the other Demo guide on hold,since you guys want a Heavy one……considering my sister mains him I don’t have a lot of options.
Heavy is basically Jonathan Joestar….as in a brick wall. He is the biggest power class in the game,and of course, he has a lot of weapons. (Note: Whilst making this Guide,I noticed Pyro and heavy’s weapons all fall in similar categories,but for their class)

Ok,first are the miniguns

Stock – Just like every other stock, no gimmicks, it’s made yo do it’s job,and it does it perfectly. You can be both offensive and defensive with it.

Tomislav – The most aggressive of all the Miniguns, it can be used for a lot of things,like peeking and changing into battle. Since it’s the fastest of all the Miniguns.

Natascha – A great utility for dealing with Scouts,Soldiers and anything moving. Since everyone you hit slows down. I wouldn’t recommend it for aggressive plays, but you can still do it.

Brass Beast – The most defensive of all the Miniguns, with how slow you become, it’s best to think out where to be, and become a pocket sentry.

Huo-Long Heater – Another Aggresive weapon, unless it’s PL, then you are a spy checking Sentry that’s on top of the Cart

And now, from most aggressive to most defensive
Huo-Long Heater
Brass Beast


Stock – Just like for Engie, it’s a reliable source of damage, and it’s sort of a 2nd Primary for Heavy.

Family Business – A really underrated sidegrade, it’s for more aggressive plays,since it’s faster and has more ammo (but less damage)

Panic Attack – It’s kinda useless on Heavy if you ask me, but it’s a good last resort for when your Minigun is out of Ammo

Sandvich – The Best utility in Heavy’s arsenal, it can save your,your teammates or that 1 friendly’s life, just try to eat it in a safe spot.

Dalokohs Bar – An ok sidegrade to the Sandvich, however it’s more of a utility to yourself than to the team

Buffalo Steak Sandvich – The most aggressive of his utilities, you basically become a JoJo, punching everyone in sight.

Second Banana – A smaller Sandvich, That can be used more quickly

And now, from most aggressive to most defensive
Family Business
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Panic Attack
All the other food items (they are all equally defensive)

Also now, his F I S T S

Stock (and it’s many,MANY reskins) – A last resort in battle,Probably the weakest melee…unless it’s the Pan

Killing Gloves of Boxing – The most offensive of all the melees, it rewards you for killing people with Crits, and If you continue punching shenanigans, you can extend em beyond belief

Gloves of Running Urgently – Basically a Heavy Version of the Escape Plan, it’s used as a utility to run away rather than to fight

Eviction Notice – A somewhat aggressive utility, since you can hit someone and run way…..also

Holiday Punch – Another Aggressive Utility, since you can stun the enemy and either kill em…or taunt kill em.

Warrior’s Spirit – It’s shit,don’t use it. Just don’t

Fists of Steel – A utility for dealing with Snipers…that’s it really

And again,you know how this works
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Holiday Punch
Eviction Notice
Fists of Steel
Gloves of Running Urgently
(No WS because it’s not gud)

And that’s it for Heavy, sorry if it looks like I’m spamming them out,I’m just trying to make your requests as fast as possible. Thankfully I’m still not in a Team so I can first use the weapons before making these. Hopefully this helps you


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ok this is epic



Thank you Faizer, very cool!

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Love you <3 keep em coming dude! Do scout next.

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