I am looking for a mentor for my team Galactic pipes, we want to do maptalks possibly 19:00CEST on Thursdays, 19:00CEST on Tuesdays or only sometimes on 19:00/21:00CEST on Wednesdays(just one of theese 3 days per week). Our team usually runs perma sniper on ”good for sniping” maps and repalces roamer, sometimes pocket if he’s not needed. Our both scouts are fairly passive which makes pretty good defense for our whole combo and so we sometiems don’t need pocket solly. The mentor himself shouldn’t be salty or toxic in general. We are pretty chill team and don’t want much toxicity in. Mid+ experience would be great. Contact me by adding me on steam (you could actually comment first, but you don’t have to): https://steamcommunity.com/id/JustDelT/ or simply message me on discord: #5427