[OLD POST] LF HL Coach & War Arranger for Open/Newcomer team

Created 2nd June 2018 @ 22:21

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No more looking for a coach/war arranger for my team, just leaving this here.

Hi. Looking for a coach and a war arranger (ones that can be online during the evening BST/CEST/EEST) for a multi-European HL team.

My unnamed team is planning on joining HL for the first time as a group and I think we could do with a coach who could tell us about positioning, teamwork, pushes, calls and so forth. Some of us have previous experience but still play in Open. You’d be an important part of our team. You could try to look at our team’s scrims’ demos and tell us how we could improve on our overall performance. If needed, you may instruct inviduals or you may suggest them to get mentors of their own to improve their game sense.

You’re expected to help us at least a few hours every week before the match date. It’d be good of you to check our match demos for parts that need improving.

Our team is also looking for a war arranger who could organize our scrims, matches (including that they’d ask team members if a certain time/date is ok with them so we know if we need mercs), other sorts of meet-ups and so on. The team leaders would still play a big role in the team but a war arranger could save us a lot of extra tinkering, since in the past we haven’t been all that organized. You won’t be participating in the actual gameplay unless you wish to sub a class as well (Currently we still need an Engineer and a Spy). You may also try to host other sort of game nights to bring our team closer if you so wish.

TL;DR: Looking for a understanding, serious and devoted HL Coach that has experience of their own from previous seasons, TF2Center or other knowledge of HL and a War Arranger that’d be our team’s secretary, so to say.

Comment here or on my Steam profile and add me on Steam so I can invite you to our Discord server to talk more about the details with the team. We haven’t created our team in ETF2L yet.

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Update: I’ve had a few experienced people add me now and from the look of it, we don’t need to find more mentors atm.

Still looking for a war arranger though.



Arranging scrims/matches is hands down the worst part about being a team leader, but it is part of being a team leader.

If someone else in the team is generous enough to offer to do this for you then great but good luck getting someone not even in the team to do that, unless you’re willing to pay of course.



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