Hi, I’m Löwenzahn and currently playing Roamer in my second season of open.
I’m not quite sure if this will work or if people will read this, but I’m kind of desperate for a mentor because I really want to improve, and right now it feels more like I’m slowing my team a bit down due to my insecurity in different situations and wrong positioning. I started with Roamer in the Fresh Meat Cup and got some good advice there, however I didn’t get much help in s27 or right now.
There are two major things that I need to get better at. First, my jumps and DM, and that’s something I can work on myself. But there are quite a lot of mistakes that I need to take care of and sometimes I’m not sure about my positioning or what to do in certain situations either. I feel like if an experienced player did demo reviews with me and gave me general advice on positioning and such, I would improve way faster because I’d be aware of my mistakes and can actively work on them. Right now I’m more of a confused mess that is just trying to do something during scrims and officials.
If there is anyone who feels like helping a poor desperate Roamer to get better, hit me up on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mischls

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!