I’m looking for a Roamer Mentor, that can talk me through all the mistakes that i make that i cant see when reviewing my own demos.
I’d also appreciate it if they could give me some strats and general tips to improving as a player, such as areas to improve as well as new things to try on mid fights and breaking stalemates etc.

I think i’m ‘OK’ at the moment, but i think with a mentor i could move up to being ‘alright’. I played in open last season (27) and came second. In that season i thought i did quite well (without sounding like a dick i was probably one of the more impactful players on my team), however we didn’t win so there is clearly a lot of room for improvement whether that be as a team or as an individual.

I’m very dedicated to improving, i make a point to practice every day (even though it’s a dead game (funny joke)) so any criticism i get i will work on immediately. I’m also an adult so you can berate me and i wont cry and tell my mum.

Sorry this is long af, but i always get a bit carried away when i make these types of things and end up just waffling on, like i’m doing right now.