LF Medic Mentor - Nice Guy - Hero Medic anything to improve with!

Created 6th April 2017 @ 16:01

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Hello there fellow reader!

I’m currently looking for a experienced and friendly mentor for the class Medic.

I have about 1000~hrs in TF2 at this time being, am fairly new to the competitive scene in tf2, joined about 1 month ago, played some lobbies, played with some open teams in 6s and HL, but still feel in the need of guidance.
While I have 1,600hrs in competitive cs:go with clans, teams and groups and learned the mindset, priorities of training and teamwork there, I still haven’t found this in TF2 comp yet, but would surely love to!

What can I say about me and my potential? I have
-lots of time to practice
-great ambition to improve myself
-am honest with my own skills
-actually german by blood (+10 skill for playing Medic ofc)
-am not toxic

I’m eager to level up my game and become mid soon, ofc high and prem after. I know it’s a long road and nothing is for granted, but every honest help would be very great!

So if anyone is interested to give me a chance, just hit me up :)

Last edited by BlueBunny, Add this guy! He is the number medic in the world as shown on TF2 Player rankings! He very much enjoys mentoring people too!

Feel free to add me, I play video games and drop less than I used to


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Quoted from princess dvs

Feel free to add me, I play video games and drop less than I used to

Is good deal, you should take it.



you can add me dawg

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