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From one dummy to other dummies: Playing medic

Created 14th December 2011 @ 16:54

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Quoted from Nmx

medic easy road to high div. – rarespycrab

Might wanna find the original sauce on that.



might have been easiest road to high div then :C


Allright, I think I am doing fine, specially on the dodging skills. The thing I am most concerned about is my team-mates.

It feels that I have to tell everybody constantly where to stand every second. I mean like “don’t stand in awkward places where you get spammed”, “don’t overextend”, etc.

Sure, I am supposed to be the brain of the team (not much of a brain though) but it costs me a lot of energy to constantly asking things that we have done so many times. I guess only time can solve this problem though and it will give all of us, routine and more experience.

Now to the more serious things.

We have scouts that either are too aggressive or too passive, they really dont know when to defend or to attack. One scout has a tendency of going “FOR KHAAAZ MODAAAN” and die when failing to get a pick. How can I fix this thing? Our scouts need to balance out and be aggressive or passive on right times.

Now to soldiers. We have a roaming soldier that has some difficulties on airstrafing, making him a “free airshots here” target. He does know (somehow) how the flanks work so he is usually assisting scouts when needed. The biggest problem is his tunnel vision, he is too focused on one target and forgets about everything else, specially if I, the medic, need help.

Our pocket is OK, jumps away a few times without me calling so but he is progressing on that so I think he wont do that any more. The biggest problem of his own is that he has weird dm – cant aishot shit (who in div6/5 can anyways) and usually fails on defending that twitchy scout.

Our demoman has a tendency of jumping away. He is more controlled lately but still does wander off sometimes. How do I keep him close to combo? He has some weird pipe dm skills. Sometimes he pipes a scout that double-jumps like crazy but he also fails on hitting ppl that run in a straight lines. Any tips on pipe-dm?

Of myself, Medic. I dont know when to use rage. I usually express disappointment when a sinlge scout kills me when I am surrounded by my two friendly sollys and the demoman. But when to express rage?

How can I make ppl to understand to “5seconds to uber” means to “get into position”?

Our scout is constantly questioning my calls. Like a few days ago, when we pushed in a 3v5 situation. Their medic was down, and we needed to use the charge to get to last. we failed massively because firstly nobody had focus fire and second (my fault, should have told to focus demo), one soldier was hiding behind and killed us all 3 right after the charge ended.

Everytime I fail on something, I ask, “could I have done different?” but what really annoys me is that our besserwisser scout is suggesting things and telling me things that I did wrong (that I already knew). I really need him to stop questioning my calls. He has potential to be a main caller but does not understand how medic REALLY works.


We have bad DM, how to DM?


dm has nothing to do with fact that ur team has no gamesense, tell everyone to start watching demos and get good

or fold… allways an option

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Make sure you look down at the ground while dodging too that is a must.

Sounds more like a problem with gamesense than DM like Animal said.

Some people are just too stupid for TF2.


Nobody will be kicked from the team. But how can I implement gamesense?

I regret so much of having been qualified for div5


Sounds like you need to stop calling less on a person to person level and start doing bigger general calls that includes the whole team as one unit. Generally telling people where to stand and do what not is a non-progressive way to learn to play the game as it leaves little thinking to your teammates > a bad way to learn things.

About scoutish either give him solly support, ur roamer if you have those roles clear in the team – or he will just have to learn.

Combo solly – everyone can hit scouts if they pos themself better, it doesnt have to be the aim. Also look around more, espec at lower levels people get behind and its more crazy so even if they arnt supposted to be there they might just be.

Airstrafing is all practice and about roamer imo its a bad idea to have those roles clearly pointed out because as you say he forgets the bigger picture. Do smarter jumps, wait for the right moment to strike, he is not always the guy who has to do the initiation.

About demo jumping away its all cool i guess if he gets the proper support he does not need to be with combo 24/7. about his aim train – my nub tip is to not aim too much and stickies are better anyway…

Never rage?

Tell the scout to shut up or kick him, sounds like the guy who will leave if people stop caring about his opinion anyways… :)



As said above, missing gamesense is not something you can fix by getting better at dm, those are two completely unrelated things.
If you feel like you have to call every position and prevent your teammates from constantly overextending or taking on useless fights all the time, it´s clearly more a lack of gamesense, experience and understanding of this game.

The only easy solution to this imo, other than to exchange certain players who are unwilling to learn, is to make them watch their own demos till their eyes bleed, and let them also watch other players who are actually doing it pretty well in comparison. That might show them their mistakes without too much effort on your own side.
Good leads and quality input for your scouts would be stuff like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4gPlRjWGQc&list=PLD098F81F2CA74F00&index=6&feature=plpp_video or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhEQpR99_Jc&list=PLD098F81F2CA74F00&index=48&feature=plpp_video for example, but you can basically find vids like this for every class out there, and gain useful things from it that might actually help each of your players to get better at understanding what they are supposed to do.

Luckily, everyone seems to be willing to learn. It is just the thing that making greater general calls, doesnt work. I need to be specific atm.

Still, we are progressing so hope is not lost yet.

Thanks for the your protips!



Quoted from Turbo

Make sure you look down at the ground while dodging too that is a must.

*cough* spike *cough*

Spike Himself


Quoted from Swedish Santa

I need to be specific atm.

You need to be patient.

Besides it being tedious, it is also not your job to control how others play the game; they must learn to fulfill that role themselves.

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