[SOLVED] USB Microphone not founded in control panel

Created 3rd August 2017 @ 11:54

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Hé, so yesterday i bought a new microphone, this one

It’s plugged through USB and even tho the light is on on the microphone which mean it’s actually working, well, it’s not.

Here is what i get after being in the control panel, french text but it’s easily understandable

I’m on windows 10.

If any one had this problem and could help me, i would really appreciate, i already contacted the Yeti Staff to get help but no feedback yet :/

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Have you tried other USB devices in the same hole?
Have you plugged the microphone into a different hole?


I solved the problem apparently.
Changed the USB port twice and apparently i have one behind my computer specially for microphones idk, thanks tho !

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